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Crafting Cultural Masterpieces for Modern Spaces

Anjanaa Innovations stands as a beacon in the realm of art consultancy, offering not just strategic guidance to giants in the corporate, airport, hotel, and public sectors – be it parks, hospitals, malls, or government offices – but also crafting exquisite masterpieces. From paintings that bewitch the soul to sculptures that breathe life, from graffiti that dances on walls to installations that defy gravity, Anjanaa Innovations is a haven of creativity.

Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of contemporary, fine, and modern art, the collective genius of the artists at Anjanaa Innovations takes form in enchanting paintings spanning abstract, street, landscapes, illustrations, and pop art. Sculptures, their silent poetry in fiber, metal, wood, and stone, bear witness to a commitment to diverse mediums.

What sets Anjanaa Innovations apart is their holistic approach – from the inception of an artistic concept to meticulous layout design, culminating in the expert installation of bespoke creations. Each stroke of their artistic brush is a step towards breathing life into spaces that lack a narrative of their own.

With a wellspring of inspiration drawn from the universe, Anjanaa Innovations transforms every project into a magical ode to art. In a recent conversation with The Interview World, Anjana Pandey, the visionary behind Anjanaa Innovations, sheds light on the triumphs of her projects, highlighting the modern architectural landscape that proudly showcases Indian arts and sculptures, thereby echoing the resonance of India’s cultural richness. Here, we unravel the essence of her thoughts through key excerpts from the insightful interview.

Q: What are the projects you are working on currently?

A: Currently immersed in the creation of Bharat Vandana Park, nestled in the heart of Dwarka, I find myself crafting a haven that transcends the ordinary. This park, destined to be unparalleled, boasts an eco-forest zone, numerous lakes, and a tapestry of cultural and adventure sports facilities. A crowning jewel within its expanse is the ‘Mini India’ park, a mosaic of replicas representing significant monuments from diverse states.

Envisioned with meticulous detail, the park unfolds like a lotus flower, its petals gracefully hosting specific activities. Ten zones, each a testament to purposeful design, will grace the landscape: a congregational haven, a cultural sanctuary, the blooming pushpa kriti sarovar zone, an eco-sensitive embrace, a tranquil meditation garden, a whimsical fun park, an adrenaline-infused adventure realm, a lake-view haven for culinary delights, the miniature marvel of Mini India, and the serenity of vandana sarovar.

Meanwhile, my endeavors extend to the resplendent Viceregal Lodge in Shimla and the regal Leh Palace. Known interchangeably as Rashtrapati Niwas, this architectural gem stands as a testament to elegance in the picturesque realm of Himachal Pradesh. Simultaneously, on the idyllic canvas of Mauritius Civil Service, a project unfolds, and I find myself amid its creation.

In the dance of ongoing projects, my gaze extends beyond the horizon, as aspirations intertwine with reality. Propelling forward, we find ourselves fervently vying for two, perhaps three, more projects, each a canvas awaiting the stroke of our artistic endeavors.

Q: How positive or massive change you are looking into society as far as looking at art and artists in India?

A: In recent years, India’s artistic landscape has undergone a remarkable transformation, witnessing a profound shift in the appreciation of diverse artistic expressions. This transformative tide, buoyed by various factors, paints a vibrant canvas of change.

Primarily, a surge of interest in contemporary and experimental art has swept across the nation, bravely challenging the conventional norms that once held sway. Within this artistic revolution, Indian creators have fearlessly ventured into uncharted territories, exploring novel mediums, themes, and perspectives that collectively breathe life into a more dynamic and inclusive artistic realm.

The advent of social media platforms has served as a democratizing force, revolutionizing the consumption of art. Artists now wield a broader reach, unfurling their creations before a global audience, thereby cultivating a heightened sense of recognition and appreciation. This digital evolution has not only empowered Indian artists but has also bestowed upon art enthusiasts the opportunity to unravel a vast tapestry of diverse styles and voices.

In tandem with this, a crescendo of art festivals, exhibitions, and cultural galas has unfurled across the nation. These curated spaces not only shine a spotlight on established luminaries but also serve as fertile grounds for burgeoning talents to unfurl their artistic wings. This cultural renaissance has seamlessly woven a more vibrant and interconnected artistic community, sparking a symphony of creativity.

Beyond the canvas and galleries, this metamorphosis of the Indian art scene carries profound societal implications. Art, with its innate ability to provoke contemplation, challenge perspectives, and kindle change, emerges as a potent catalyst for fostering an open-minded and culturally enriched society. As a growing multitude engages with diverse artistic forms, a profound opportunity emerges for the positive transformation of societal values and attitudes. The symphony of artistic expression resonates, echoing the potential for a brighter, more enlightened tomorrow.

Q: Can you shed light on some of your prestigious projects?

A: In the realm of architectural mastery, our endeavors have woven a tapestry of excellence across a myriad of distinguished domains. Among the illustrious landscapes we’ve sculpted are renowned hospitals, corporate citadels, residential havens, bustling airports, and the august chambers of government.

Each stroke of our creativity has left an indelible mark on the canvas of prestigious projects. The opulent corridors of JW Marriott, Faridabad, bear the imprint of our vision. The Samsung Office in New Delhi stands as a testament to our design prowess, while the corporate heartbeat resonates within the walls of KPMG, Mumbai.

Sunlife Insurance, nestled in the heart of New Delhi, reflects our commitment to blending functionality with aesthetic finesse. The architectural symphony of Bravura, New Delhi, and the graceful Amaryllis Residences, bear witness to our dedication to crafting spaces that transcend the ordinary.

In the bustling heart of New Delhi, the grandeur of Vegas Mall unfolds, an architectural opus that captures the spirit of the city. Our influence extends beyond borders, reaching the hallowed halls of AIIMS, New Delhi, the sprawling expanse of Chennai Airport, the dynamic spaces of Kanpur Airport, and the cultural pulse of Gwalior Airport.

Internationally, the majestic structures of the Mauritius Supreme Court and the dignified Mauritius Civil Services headquarters showcase our global imprint. Each project, a harmonious blend of innovation and functionality, paints a vivid tableau of our architectural odyssey.

Q: You have accomplished the artwork for various airports at Chennai, Kanpur, and Gwalior. What changes do you notice?

A: In the present day, the inner sanctums of Indian airports stand as veritable canvases, embellished with the opulent tapestry of our nation’s artistic and cultural legacy. Contemporary airports across India ardently direct their gaze towards our heritage, adorning themselves with poignant art forms that were, perhaps, absent in times bygone. Furthermore, the prevailing government passionately advocates the essence of Indianness in every undertaking.

Given that airports serve as the portals through which foreign visitors traverse, it becomes imperative to unveil our resplendent cultural heritage. This, to me, signifies a laudable stride in the direction of fostering Indian art and culture.

Take, for instance, the interiors of the Terminal Building within the newfound civil enclave of Kanpur Airport. These spaces are a celebration of diverse local themes, primarily revolving around the textile and leather industries. The depictions therein pay homage to the city’s iconic figures such as Maharishi Valmiki and the poet Shyamlal Gupta. Notably, we have crafted a lifelike replica of Shyamlal Gupta.

Yet, amidst this celebration, a disconcerting facet of our society emerges—the gradual disconnection of our younger generation from our heritage. What piques my interest, however, is the government’s proactive stance in bridging this knowledge gap. The strategic placement of Indian art, architecture, and sculpture in pivotal public transit hubs, including airports, serves as a testament to this commendable effort.

Replica of Shyamlal Gupta, Crafted by Anjanaa Innovations, at Kanpur Airport
Replica of Shyamlal Gupta, Crafted by Anjanaa Innovations, at Kanpur Airport


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