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Britacel’s Pioneering Eco-Conscious Solutions for Fabrics

Britacel Silicones Ltd. pioneers the creation of revolutionary chemical compounds that uphold the inherent vitality of fabrics. Through a blend of tradition, innovation, and unwavering commitment, Britacel has ascended to the forefront of the textile finishing sector. Originating modestly in 1989, producing a mere 12 tonnes per month solely specializing in silicones, Britacel has surged to an impressive output of 16,000 metric tonnes per year encompassing silicones and various auxiliaries.

The essence of Britacel’s success lies in its brilliant formulations, relentless drive, state-of-the-art technology, and steadfast moral principles. Central to its mission is the enhancement of silicone polymer functionality, with a pioneering initiative in crafting bio-polymer silicone chains to elevate fabric performance. Furthermore, Britacel’s holistic global sustainability strategy encompasses a dedicated focus on developing eco-friendly chemistries through in-house mastery of chemical fission methods.

In a candid conversation with The Interview World, Amit S. Puri, Area Manager – North at Britacel Silicones Ltd., elucidates how the company spearheads innovation in fabric chemicals. He details the effectiveness of their products in eliminating diverse stains, highlights their unique selling points, and underscores the positive market reception they’ve garnered. Here are the key takeaways from his interview.

Q: What innovative chemicals are being developed by your company to enhance the washing properties and performance of different fabric types?

A: We proudly offer FC GARD C01, a cutting-edge stain-release finish that revolutionizes fabric care. This innovative technology, free from any fluorine or harmful components, is achieved through a meticulously crafted modified polymer emulsion. It’s designed to effortlessly combat a myriad of stains, including coffee, ketchup, mud, and more, ensuring that your textiles remain pristine with just a simple wash.

Our evaluation process is comprehensive, guided by stringent parameters and supported by detailed reports. Employing the respected AATCC 130 test method, we subject prepared fabric samples, such as shirts, to an array of stains including turmeric, ketchup, wine, mud, coffee, and mineral oil. With a pressure of 1 kg applied for one minute, these stains are then meticulously treated before undergoing a washing cycle.

The resulting ratings, ranging from 3 to 5, reflect the effectiveness of our product in maintaining fabric integrity even after repeated washing. Impressively, even after 20 washes, FC GARD C01 maintains its superior performance, consistently garnering high ratings.

Beyond its exceptional performance, our commitment to environmental responsibility is unwavering. As a proud contributor to the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) initiative, we prioritize sustainability in our operations. This dedication to eco-conscious practices has been recognized with the prestigious Green Pro rating, reaffirming our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Looking ahead, our aspirations extend beyond product excellence to encompass broader environmental goals. By 2030, we aim to significantly reduce our carbon footprint, aligning with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. This ambition reflects our steadfast commitment to sustainability, earning us the Silver designation in recognition of our recent Green Pro certification.

In essence, FC GARD C01 not only sets the standard for stain-release technology but also exemplifies our dedication to environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Q: What measures or features does this product employ to ensure it does not affect the area where stains are present?

A: This chemistry revolves around a fundamental product termed C01, designed as a hydrophilic agent, enhancing your fabric’s water absorption capabilities. Concurrently, it serves as a barrier against stains, preventing their penetration into the fabric. Should a stain breach this defense, its washable nature facilitates effortless removal. This dual-action functionality ensures that your fabric not only retains its water-absorbing properties but also remains resistant to stains, guaranteeing both practicality and durability in everyday use.

Q: What factors influence the success rate of stain removal from various fabric types, and what considerations determine pricing for stain removal products?

A: Absolutely, I can assure you of a 100% success rate with our product. It effectively removes a wide range of stains, including turmeric, ketchup, wine, mud, coffee, mineral oil, and corn oil, as well as more challenging stains like curry and blood. These assertions are backed by thorough laboratory testing conducted across diverse fabric types.

Our product is conveniently available for direct purchase by business customers and is also distributed through our network of dealers. With its proven efficacy, it has garnered trust and popularity among users. Typically priced between Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000 per liter, it offers excellent value for its performance. Rest assured, our solution delivers reliable stain removal, making it a top choice for households and businesses alike.

Q: What feedback or reactions are you receiving from the market?

A: Our product has sparked an overwhelmingly positive response in the market, with companies across the board incorporating it into their fabric treatments. This surge in demand can be attributed to its classification as a specialty finish, making it particularly appealing to retailers seeking to showcase unique features like those found in dry cleaners, laundries, and hotels.

Cost considerations play a pivotal role in the decision-making process, rendering it less suitable for household applications. As dedicated chemical providers, we exclusively serve businesses. For instance, if you operate a business in the towel and handkerchief manufacturing sector, you would typically reach out to mill owners. These mill owners then rely on us for this specialized product, establishing us as the primary chemical provider catering to this specific industry need.

Q: What features and qualities set your product apart from competitors in the market?

A: Our product proudly boasts a complete absence of carbon, denoted as C0, distinguishing it from its predecessors laden with carbon compounds like C8 and C6. By embracing C0, we’ve achieved a groundbreaking milestone in environmental sustainability, as it is entirely devoid of carbon content. This crucial absence renders our product biodegradable and harmless to the atmosphere, aligning with our commitment to eco-friendliness. Moreover, rigorous certification processes have validated its environmental credentials, providing customers with assurance of its adherence to stringent sustainability standards. With C0, we offer not just a product, but a symbol of responsible innovation and environmental stewardship.

Britacel - Revolutionizing Fabric Care by Leveraging Sustainable Innovations
Britacel – Revolutionizing Fabric Care by Leveraging Sustainable Innovations


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