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Bholanath Precision Engineering: Pioneering Green Technology

Bholanath Precision Engineering Pvt. Ltd. stands out as a premier precision engineering company. They deliver high-quality technology solutions to diverse industries. Their commitment to technology excellence is evident in provisioning cutting-edge solutions. These solutions effectively address the dynamic needs of the industry.

Bholanath has earned its reputation as a leading technology firm. They specialize in precision machining, fabrication, assembly, design, prototyping, and testing. Furthermore, the company has extended its influence to the agricultural sector. Recently, Bholanath emerges as a key player in the development of innovative agricultural technologies. Moreover, Bholanath develops cutting-edge, sustainable agricultural technologies.

Talking to The Interview World, Ambar Koiri, Managing Director, emphasizes the company’s pivotal role in innovating green technology for farming. Moreover, he underscores Bholanath’s dedication to advancing sustainable solutions and contributing to the evolution of farm technology. Here are the key excerpts from his interview.

Q: Tell us about your products.

A: Our Farm division has successfully introduced two innovative products. One standout item is the battery-operated brush cutter, which we are displaying here. This advanced technology has gained widespread popularity in India. Truly, it has become an integral part of various agricultural practices. Again, the demand for this green technology is so substantial that India currently imports nearly five lakh pieces. Surprisingly, there has been no domestic manufacturing of this essential tool in the country until now.

Breaking new ground in this field, Bholanath stands out as the pioneer in green technology. To note here, we are the first company in India to manufacture and sale the battery-operated brush cutter. Interestingly, this achievement marks a significant milestone in building green technology. Furthermore, we are addressing the gap in local production and contributing to the growth of the agricultural machinery sector in India.

Q: How different is it from traditional brush cutters?

A: This innovative technology is entirely green. Moreover, it eliminates the need for fossil fuels in its operation. Not only does it contribute to environmental sustainability, but it also translates into substantial savings on petrol costs. In India, traditional petrol-operated brush cutters typically offer only a six-month warranty. But we stand by our product with an impressive two-year warranty.

Imagine the daily savings of Rs. 600 on petrol when used regularly. Again, over the course of two years, this amounts to approximately Rs. 5 lakh in petrol cost savings. Moreover, this technology boasts a net-zero impact. As it produces no pollution, sound, or vibration—it makes a win-win technology for all.

What sets this technology product apart is its reliance on battery power. With just 3.5 hours of charging, you can enjoy 6-8 hours of efficient operation. A single fully charged battery allows the machine to cut crops covering up to 16,000 square meters in four hours. Furthermore, this enhances productivity and aligns with a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to landscaping and agriculture.

Q: What kind of response are you getting from the market?

A: We’ve received positive feedback nationwide, with particular anticipation for significant orders from Delhi due to the prevalent pollution issues in the region. Currently, nearly 10,000 petrol-driven brush cutters are in use in Delhi-NCR. Primarily, our objective is to transition from this reliance on petrol to electric alternatives, thereby contributing to pollution reduction.

While acknowledging that the electric machine’s cost is double that of its petrol counterpart, it’s important to note the substantial long-term cost savings. The investment pays off in just three months, with continued savings over the following two years. Considering the machine’s lifespan of approximately five years, the financial benefits become evident.

For those interested, the machine is available for purchase on the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) at a cost of around Rs. 99,000. Therefore, this upfront investment promises not only environmental benefits but also significant financial returns over the machine’s operational lifespan.

Q: Are you looking for only government orders or from others like farmers?

A: We are actively seeking orders from every segment, recognizing that a government push is essential for the adoption of new technologies. While the initial cost may pose a challenge for farmers, we have established a strategic partnership with Canara Bank to address this concern. Notably, Canara Bank stands out as the sole institution capable of offering loans up to Rs. 1,60,000 without requiring any collateral, at an attractive interest rate of just 4%. Hence, this initiative aligns with the Government of India’s priority lending efforts. Furthermore, Canara Bank has stepped forward to facilitate the process by offering convenient EMIs, making this advanced technology more accessible and beneficial for farmers.

Green Technology: Battery Operated Brush Cutte
Green Technology: Battery Operated Brush Cutter


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