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Empowering Farmers by Delivering Insights

DeHaat, a leading AgriTech startup, is making waves with its comprehensive services tailored for the farmers in India. Setting itself apart from the competition, DeHaat is among the select few companies dedicated to offering end-to-end support to farmers. Committed to transforming the agricultural sector, they have developed AI-enabled technologies to boost supply chain efficiency and enhance productivity.

Talking to The Interview World, Dr. Pramod Murari, Lead – Agronomy and Extension, underlines the transformative initiatives of DeHaat. From leveraging advanced technologies to empowering farming community, DeHaat’s impact is far-reaching. Here are the key insights from the discussion.

Q: How is the DeHaat platform helping the farmers’ community in India?

A: DeHaat, established in 2011, stands as the largest AgriTech startup in Asia. We operate as a comprehensive platform that addresses the varied needs of farming community from seed to market. Currently, we have established connections with over 18 lakh farmers spanning 16 states in India. Our commitment to understanding and fulfilling their diverse requirements encompasses the provision of seeds, agricultural inputs, and crop protection measures.

At DeHaat, we go beyond mere product offerings. We extend our support by providing valuable guidance on cultivation practices. Thereby, we help farmers make informed decisions on what to grow and how to optimize their yields. Our platform acts as a bridge between farmers and markets, facilitating access to marketplaces. Moreover, it ensures that they receive the best prices for their produce.

In addition to our product and advisory services, DeHaat recognizes the financial challenges faced by farmers. To address this, we offer crucial financial services such as crop insurance and credit facilities. Through our platform, we connect farmers with financial resources, empowering them to invest in their crops and secure their livelihoods.

With a dedicated team of over 2000 full-time employees, DeHaat operates with a corporate office in Gurugram. We also have head offices strategically located across all the states in which we operate. Our overarching objective is to provide farmers with the right agricultural inputs at the right time and the right price. Thereby, we contribute to the growth and sustainability of agriculture in India.

Q: Are you providing any kind of technology services to farmers?

A: Certainly. As an AgriTech platform, connecting with a vast network of over 18 lakh farmers physically is not feasible. To address this challenge, we have implemented a unique model known as the phygital model, combining both physical engagement and digital tools.

Within this framework, we deliver customized applications to farmers, utilizing geo-tagging to map and analyze their fields. Through real-time data on prevailing weather conditions, they receive advice regarding the biotic and abiotic stress affecting their crops. To enhance accessibility, they can easily reach out to us through a toll-free number.

Our on-ground field team employs advanced tools to measure various parameters. Our devices are capable of measuring soil profile including soil strata including N, P, K, pH, electrical conductivity, and organic carbon in less than five minutes, achieving accuracy rates exceeding 90%. We are also enrolling farmers for carbon credits as well. Leveraging these insights, we provide tailored recommendations to farmers, optimizing their agricultural practices. Additionally, our platform extends support to agri-input needs.

Adding another layer to our network, we have cultivated a community of over 12,500 microentrepreneurs connected to DeHaat. These entrepreneurs leverage our tools to analyze farmers’ requirements within their specific geographical areas. They can also access product prices and choose preferred brands.

To ensure efficient logistics, we maintain warehouses at the district level across all states where we operate, ensuring that the needs of microentrepreneurs are fulfilled promptly, often on the same day or the next day. This integrated approach allows us to bridge the gap between technology and agriculture, facilitating a seamless and effective connection with farmers nationwide.

Q: What type of model do you use for the farmers?

A: Upon enrollment on our platform, farmers grant us insight into their specific requirements, including the types of crops they cultivate. Leveraging partnerships with IMD and IBM, we access real-time data on prevailing weather conditions, enabling us to offer tailored advice.

It’s important to note that our services fulfill farmers’ needs without any charges. Instead, we facilitate collaboration with regional microentrepreneurs who procure inputs directly from DeHaat. This ensures they not only receive valuable services but also benefit from the seamless integration of our platform with local suppliers.

In addition to these collaborative efforts, we extend convenient door services to farmers. Through our user-friendly app, they can effortlessly request drone services. Our team comprises skilled drone experts and trained pilots who are well-equipped to meet their precise needs, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of agricultural practices.

Q: Does your platform integrate with the marketplaces?

A: Certainly. We possess real-time visibility into the crops cultivated by farmers, monitoring their growth from planting to harvest. By staying informed about prevailing weather conditions throughout the entire crop cycle, we gain insights into the expected yield. When the harvesting season arrives, we approach them, who are free to choose us as buyers for their produce.

In addition to being buyers, microentrepreneurs serve as aggregators, actively participating in both the sale and purchase of agricultural inputs. This integrated approach allows us to foster a comprehensive ecosystem. Presently, our daily procurement exceeds 5000 metric tons of various commodities, showcasing the significant scale and impact of our operations.

DeHaat - Empowering Farmers
DeHaat – Empowering Farmers


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