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Transforming Diagnostics through Innovation & Accessibility

Mobile medical diagnostics can catalyze accessible healthcare services in remote areas

Accuster Technologies, a research-based manufacturing powerhouse, tirelessly pioneers revolutionary solutions in In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD). Designing, manufacturing, and delivering cutting-edge healthcare solutions is our relentless mission.

Established in 2009, Accuster Technologies began humbly, operating from a single room with a handful of dedicated individuals. By 2011, this seed blossomed into a full-fledged manufacturing plant with approximately 50 personnel.

Today, their footprint spans across India’s landscape and extends beyond borders to nations such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, the USA, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, the UK, and others. These regions reap the benefits of Accuster’s groundbreaking technologies.

Addressing fundamental healthcare challenges, both domestically and internationally, remains Accuster’s steadfast commitment.

In an exclusive exchange with The Interview World, Man Mohan Singh Uberoi, Director of Business Development at Accuster Technologies, emphasizes the company’s pivotal role in revolutionizing medical diagnostics. Their focus lies in making diagnosis faster, treatment quicker, and products more accessible and affordable. Here are the key insights gleaned from his interview.

Q: How is Accuster Technologies innovating within the healthcare sector to improve patient care and medical diagnostics?

A: Accuster Technologies operates as a comprehensive R&D firm, encompassing manufacturing and sales. With fully equipped manufacturing units, R&D facilities, operational, sales, building management, and business development units, the company’s overarching mission is to revolutionize healthcare diagnostics, making it accessible at people’s doorsteps.

This vision aims to ensure seamless access to healthcare services, even in adverse circumstances where conventional labs might be incapacitated. The company’s solution is designed to function efficiently across a broad temperature range of 0 to 50 degrees Celsius, without relying on traditional air conditioning systems. It operates on AC mains, batteries, or solar panels, catering especially to areas with unreliable electricity supply.

Central to Accuster’s offering is the concept of a ‘lab in a box’, comprising essential components like the AccuAnalyzer, centrifuge, incubator, micro-cubits, reagents, and associated accessories. Notably, the incubator accommodates 25 cubits simultaneously, all reusable for up to 100 cycles, thanks to an automated rinsing and drying system.

This self-sustaining setup empowers users to conduct up to 40 biochemistry tests, as outlined in the brochure, covering crucial examinations such as KFT, LFT, and standard blood tests.

For more advanced diagnostic capabilities, Accuster offers an upgraded version, incorporating an auto-microscope with an AccuSmear device and an AccuStainer. The auto-microscope automatically focuses and captures 25 images, storing them for later analysis, a significant advantage for users.

The AccuStainer, an integral part of the advanced setup, ensures precise staining without chemical spillage, accommodating two slides simultaneously in a contained environment. This innovative solution also enhances efficiency and accuracy in diagnostic procedures, reaffirming Accuster’s commitment to accessible and reliable healthcare diagnostics.

Q: How would you describe the primary target audience or end-users for your products?

A: We’ve ensured its applicability across diverse sectors: private, NGOs, government, and even defense. A minimum prerequisite is at least one DMLT, indicating a qualified laboratory technician, necessary for utilization. This requirement is non-negotiable. Upon purchase, three slides are provided.

Additionally, training is available. Lab technicians can opt for in-house training or rely on our company’s support as needed. Alongside, we offer BMI, another instrument with versatile applications. That sums up the package.

Q: How much does the mobile lab box cost?

A: We offer three distinct segments. Firstly, the basic box facilitates the performance of 40 biochemistry tests, with a total cost of Rs. 4.35 lakhs, inclusive of GST.

Moving on to the advanced version, we integrate additional components such as the AutoMicroscope, AccuRapid Stainer, Accurine Analyzer, and BMI. This comprehensive package is priced at Rs. 6.8 lakhs.

Moreover, the inclusion of BMI in this setup enables mobile lab functionality when mounted on a bike, resulting in a total cost of Rs. 9.8 lakhs, which includes the expense of the bike itself.

In instances where users provide their own bike, the cost deduction is made accordingly. Additionally, we provide all necessary fixtures and equipment for bike installation.

Q: How can your mobile lab effectively enhance healthcare access and outcomes for patients residing in remote areas?

A: Our mobile bike lab offers a solution tailored to their needs. Any organization can establish a mobile lab on a bike, equipped with essential amenities. This includes a tent, stools, tables, and more.

Utilizing these facilities is straightforward. Whether for positive events or time constraints, NGOs and other entities can conveniently access the resources right at their doorstep. This accessibility is a significant advantage.

Q: What certifications do you have for your products?

A: We proudly possess an array of distinguished accolades including patent certificates, TDP proprietary certificates, CDSCO, CE certificates, NHSRC certificates, MSME, IBM awards, AIIMS awards, and ICMR awards. These esteemed certifications stand as a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence. They symbolize not only our commitment to uncompromising product quality but also our unwavering mission to deliver innovative solutions to medical diagnostic firms. Each certification represents a milestone in our journey, reflecting the trust and recognition bestowed upon us by renowned organizations. With these accolades, we reaffirm our dedication to setting industry standards and exceeding expectations in the realm of medical diagnostics.

Accuster Portable Lab – A Marvel Mobile Kit for Medical Diagnostics
Accuster Portable Lab – A Marvel Mobile Kit for Medical Diagnostics


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