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Thoughtful Use of Resources Will Save Our Earth

Anusha Dandekar embodies the epitome of versatility as an Indian-Australian powerhouse, seamlessly weaving the roles of television host, actress, and singer into a single, extraordinary persona. With a magnetic on-screen presence, she has made a mark in the entertainment industry. Anusha began her career as a VJ on MTV India, hosting numerous shows and gaining popularity for her lively and charismatic hosting style.

Apart from her hosting prowess, she has delved into acting. She has appeared in Bollywood films such as “Viruddh” and “Delhi Belly”. As a singer, she has lent her voice to various projects, showcasing her artistic versatility. Recognized for her fashion sense, Anusha has great association with prominent brands. Her dynamic career and vivacious personality have made her a prominent figure in the Indian entertainment scene.

As the CEO and Co-founder of BrownSkin Beauty, a groundbreaking skincare brand that proudly challenges unrealistic beauty standards and champions skin positivity, Anusha possesses a profound understanding of the sentiments prevalent among Indians. Moreover, she recognizes the scarcity of environmentally sustainable options in the beauty industry.

Anusha’s brand acknowledges the uniqueness of Indian skin, characterized by its rich melanin content and distinct challenges. Her mission is to provide customers with an enriching experience, fostering confidence in embracing their authentic selves, while also delivering effective skincare solutions. What sets BrownSkin Beauty apart is its commitment to environmental friendliness.

In an exclusive conversation with The Interview World, Anusha Dandekar delves into the distinctive value proposition of BrownSkin Beauty, shedding light on her vision for a brand that resonates with the ethos of skin positivity.

During the interview, Anusha not only highlights the brand’s commitment to sustainability but also shares a witty and compelling message urging the world to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle. The following key excerpts encapsulate the essence of her insightful conversation with The Interview World.

Q: What inspired the creation of BrownSkin Beauty, and how does your initiative aim to celebrate and promote diversity and inclusivity in the beauty industry?

A: BrownSkin Beauty emerged amidst the challenges of the COVID era, sparked by my realization of the pressing need to revolutionize the beauty industry. Unfortunately, discrimination has marred our beauty industry, predominantly favoring one skin tone. However, it’s crucial to recognize that our entire country reflects diverse and beautiful shades. Thus, my mission was to introduce a palette that resonates with our nation’s rich spectrum of skin tones, fostering a sense of pride.

Amid this endeavor, I became acutely aware of the unique challenges that Indian skin faces, distinct from the rest of the world. Consequently, my focus shifted towards addressing the specific concerns and characteristics of Indian skin, both in terms of palette and color.

One prevailing issue in the beauty industry is the pervasive fear stemming from societal standards of beauty. The prevalent notion of what is considered “pretty” and what is not has led to a distorted self-perception. However, it’s imperative to debunk these arbitrary standards. True beauty lies in embracing your authentic self. Rather than seeking to alter your appearance, I aim to enhance how you feel about yourself – a significant distinction in the realm of beauty.

The crux of BrownSkin Beauty lies in empowering individuals to embrace their unique features and foster a positive self-image. This venture is not about conforming to societal expectations but rather celebrating the diverse beauty that exists within each person.

Q: What measures and considerations have been integrated into the development of your product to prioritize and contribute positively to environmental sustainability?

A: That’s an excellent question, and I’ve thought about it quite a bit. Despite facing narrower profit margins, we have opted for glass packaging. This choice is crucial because glass is recyclable, addressing the growing concern of plastic waste in packaging. While plastic may seem more visually appealing and cost-effective, the environmental impact cannot be ignored.

Glass packaging, on the other hand, is not only recyclable but also reusable and repurposable. Even if not sent for recycling, the jars can find a second life as items like jewelry boxes. In this way, we encourage a sustainable approach even within households. Moreover, incorporating plant-based ingredients, such as aloe vera, into our products not only promotes environmental friendliness but also offers skin benefits.

It’s about striking a balance and being mindful of our choices. When I emphasize that our products are for everybody, it extends beyond personal use—it’s also for the environment, sustainability, and every individual in India.

Q: What upcoming projects or initiatives are you currently focusing on or planning to undertake shortly?

A: I’ve recently completed another Marathi film, and I’m thrilled about it. This film, featuring Mahesh Manjrekar, is set to be released in March. Meanwhile, my project “BrownSkin Beauty” is undergoing a significant makeover, and I’m eagerly looking forward to its relaunch. Additionally, there’s another brand I’m working on, but I’m unable to share details about it at the moment. Exciting times ahead!

Q: What message would you like to convey to the Indians to foster a sense of environmental consciousness?

A: I must emphasize that India excels in recycling and sustainability practices. Having traveled extensively worldwide, I’ve observed that India truly stands out in its commitment to reusing and sustaining resources. It’s not a biased opinion based on patriotism, but a genuine observation of the environmental practices.

In comparison, the global plastic waste issue is alarming. Particularly in countries like the United States, it has reached a critical level. The sheer volume of plastic waste is so immense that if we had two Americas, the problem would be catastrophic.

What impresses me about India is the eco-friendliness evident in its villages. Despite being conscious of the environment and embracing organic practices, there’s a downside. The pervasive influence of Western products has led to the adoption of harmful practices.

Consider the case of soda bottles, a seemingly minor example that underscores a major issue. Presently, they are predominantly made of plastic, but in the past, glass bottles were the norm. Reverting to such practices can be a simple yet effective step towards addressing the plastic waste crisis. Embracing the vintage or old ways might hold the key to a more sustainable future. We must take actions and recognize that the past had viable solutions that we can reintegrate into our present lifestyles.

BrownSkin Beauty – A Commitment to Sustainability and Indian Sentiments
BrownSkin Beauty – A Commitment to Sustainability and Indian Sentiments


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