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The Moraze Elixir: A Commitment to Toxin-free Cosmetics

Moraze Cosmetics emerges as a radiant beacon illuminating the realm of beauty, poised to transcend conventional norms and carve a new path towards effortless, boundless allure. Rooted in the ethos of celebrating love, care, and purity, Moraze endeavors to emancipate beauty from the shackles of tradition, rendering it accessible to all who seek its transformative embrace.

Inspired by the timeless genius of Mozart, Moraze embarks on a quest to revolutionize the beauty landscape with its visionary array of enriching, complexion-enhancing cosmetics. Unfettered by conformity, the brand meticulously formulates products that not only adorn but also nurture and cherish the skin. Much like Mozart’s compositions transcended genres, Moraze endeavors to break free from industry constraints, introducing makeup that not only dazzles the eye but also elevates the senses.

At the heart of Moraze’s ethos lies the conviction that beauty should be a universal melody, echoing softly in every corner of existence. Through meticulously crafted, pure formulations infused with potent skincare elixirs, Moraze celebrates beauty as a symphony of self-expression, embracing every layer of the soul.

Fueled by an unwavering commitment to metamorphosis, Moraze stands as a vanguard in the beauty revolution, challenging conventions, creating seamlessly applied cosmetics, and enriching lives through vibrant packaging and skin-nourishing infusions. Moraze Cosmetics pledges to etch an indelible mark on the beauty sphere, forever altering its landscape with a steadfast dedication to innovation and inclusivity.

In an exclusive dialogue with The Interview World on the sidelines of Bharat Intellectual Property Yatra 2023-24, Chhavi Aggarwal, the luminary Founder and CEO of Moraze Cosmetics, shares her entrepreneurial odyssey, illuminates the uniqueness of her creations, and underscores the burgeoning opportunities for women entrepreneurs in contemporary times. Herein lie the seminal insights from her illuminating discourse.

Q: What pivotal experiences and insights guided your transformative journey from engineering to management and ultimately to entrepreneurship?

A: Entrepreneurship has been a lifelong passion, igniting my curiosity and drive. Even in my research endeavors, I actively sought opportunities with the potential to evolve into viable business ventures. Drawing upon the wealth of knowledge imparted by my father, I leveraged his expertise to inform and enrich my pursuits. Alongside, the unwavering support and guidance of my professors, who served as invaluable mentors, bolstered my journey, aiding me at every juncture.

Upon entering the realm of business through my MBA studies, I seized the opportunity to actualize my aspirations, birthing my own brand. Through perseverance and divine grace, the brand has flourished, experiencing substantial growth. As we look ahead, our sights are set on expanding into the international market in the forthcoming year, fueled by a fervent determination to realize our vision on a global scale.

Q: What inspired the creation and ethos behind your cosmetic brand, Moraze?

A: At present, our cosmetic brand operates exclusively online, responding to the considerable demand we’ve garnered. However, recognizing the diverse landscape of offline markets and niches, we plan to venture into this arena in the upcoming year. This expansion hinges on our ability to secure adequate manpower and inventory resources to support our transition effectively.

Our brand prides itself on crafting unparalleled blends that embody luxury, longevity, and impactful beauty. We promote an ethos of effortless and inclusive beauty, celebrating love, care, and purity while challenging conventional standards. Of paramount importance to us is the safety of our consumers’ skin. To uphold this commitment, we meticulously select toxin-free, natural ingredients, ensuring that our products prioritize skin health above all else. Through this dedication, we aim to provide consumers with the confidence to embrace our products, knowing they are using safe and nourishing formulations that enhance their well-being.

Q: What factors contribute to the lower participation of women in entrepreneurship in India?

A: The revelation of these statistics fills me with a profound sense of sadness, although I’m well aware of their existence. Nevertheless, I maintain an optimistic outlook, observing a continual trajectory of improvement in our contemporary world. Within my own experiences, I’m grateful to participate in a domain predominantly occupied by men, acknowledging the privilege it affords me. However, this gratitude is tempered by the stark reality that only a scant number of women engage in entrepreneurship.

The reasons behind this disparity are undoubtedly multifaceted and complex. Yet, my conviction remains unwavering – women possess an inherent intelligence and aptitude that equips them for success in entrepreneurship. Rather than suppressing their ambitions, particularly in the aftermath of marriage, women should be encouraged to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Their potential knows no bounds, often surpassing that of their male counterparts.

Empowerment lies in taking proactive steps forward, rather than allowing societal norms to dictate one’s path. Women cannot just keep pace, but lead the charge in entrepreneurship. They need only to grasp the opportunities presented to them and unleash their full potential. If, like ourselves in the realm of vegan, non-toxic, and sustainable cosmetics, a woman harbors a promising idea, she must seize it without hesitation. With belief in her abilities and determination, success is not only within reach but entirely achievable.

Q: What unique strategies or features do you implement to distinguish your cosmetic products from those of competitors in the market?

A: I aspired to democratize access to my product, ensuring it reached every corner of the market. This necessitated a dual focus on affordability and safety. Recognizing the price sensitivity prevalent in the Indian market, affordability took precedence. However, this did not come at the expense of safety; rather, it underscored the importance of formulating a product that was both economically accessible and meticulously safe.

Achieving this delicate balance required extensive research and development. We embarked on a thorough exploration of ingredients, painstakingly selecting those that aligned with our vision of being vegan, non-toxic, and budget-friendly. This process was arduous but essential, as it formed the bedrock of our commitment to consumer health and well-being.

At our designated price point, we discovered a conspicuous gap in the market—no other brands offered a product that was simultaneously vegan, non-toxic, and free of parabens. The dangers of parabens, in particular, were well-documented, with scientific evidence linking them to carcinogenic effects over prolonged usage.

It remains perplexing why some brands continue to incorporate such harmful ingredients despite the established risks. Our mission, therefore, extends beyond mere profitability; we strive to differentiate ourselves by prioritizing affordability and safety above all else. Through this approach, we endeavor to make our product not only accessible but also a beacon of trustworthiness for all consumers.

Q: What advice or guidance would you offer to young women entrepreneurs in India?

A: Women should seize the moment and embark on their entrepreneurial journey without delay. Time waits for no one, and in the realm of entrepreneurship, there’s no such thing as the perfect time. If women harbor innovative business ideas, they must act upon them immediately.

By dedicating themselves to their ventures, they can ascend to unprecedented heights in the entrepreneurial landscape, thereby fostering India’s prominence on the global stage. This is not merely a suggestion but a heartfelt call to action for the women of India. They possess unparalleled potential and resilience, serving as the cornerstone of our nation’s progress. With their unwavering determination, they can propel India to the forefront of global entrepreneurship, shaping a brighter future for generations to come.

Moraze Nude Nail Polish - Blending Beauty, Brilliance, and Benevolence
Moraze Nude Nail Polish – Blending Beauty, Brilliance, and Benevolence


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