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Sprucing Up Hairstyles and Confidence with Hair Extensions

Cadenza Hair is revolutionizing the Human Hair Extensions sector, setting unprecedented standards. The brand also ethically sources raw hair and crafts premium, high-quality extensions. Since its establishment, Cadenza Hair India has developed a robust production system and advanced manufacturing facilities, propelling the Indian Human Hair Industry onto the global stage.

In an exclusive interaction with The Interview World, Hem Lata, the Director of Cadenza Hair, sheds light on how her products meet the diverse needs of women. By offering refined, high-quality, and cost-effective human hair extensions, Cadenza Hair makes a significant impact. Here are key insights from her interview.

Q: Could you shed light on your business?

A: I am the proud owner of Cadenza Hair, a brand that has successfully expanded its reach to countries, including the USA and various European nations such as Germany, Spain, Italy, and France. In addition to these achievements, we’ve also established a presence in Brazil and currently explore opportunities in African countries. Notably, last year marked our venture into the world of direct-to-consumer (D2C) e-commerce.

Situated in Faridabad, my factory stands as an emblem of empowerment, being an all-women organization. With 25 skilled women, we specialize in the creation of high-quality hair extensions. Our journey in manufacturing began in 2017, and it’s been a fulfilling experience contributing to the beauty industry. As a trained hair professional, I received my education in Korea, which laid the foundation for establishing and operating this manufacturing unit in Faridabad.

Q: What kind of products do you have?

A: Various types of hair products are available, including extensions, volumizers, wigs, accessories, and patches. Furthermore, hair patches cater to both men and women, especially for addressing bald areas. These products also offer diverse and customized options within each category to effectively meet individual needs.

Q: How hygienic these products are?

A: The cleanliness of hair extensions largely depends upon the materials employed, the application technique, maintenance routines, and the general health of the scalp. Moreover, our emphasis on the quality of raw materials underlines our commitment to producing hygienic products.

We take immense pride in crafting a diverse range of high-quality hair extensions, featuring natural hair textures and exquisite colors meticulously created by our skilled team using the innovative Slow Bleaching Science.

Additionally, it’s noteworthy that hair extensions do not necessitate any surgical procedures. In other words, they are non-invasive. The ease of putting them on and taking them off accentuates their safety and hygienic nature.

Q: What’s the demand for hair extensions globally?

A: With a global valuation of US$200 million, the hair extension market has become highly coveted, particularly in the USA and Europe. In Africa, the demand soars by necessity as many African women face challenges with natural hair, making hair extensions a vital accessory. Notably, European consumers also exhibit a significant appetite for hair extensions, with the UK standing out as a premium market for these products. Adding to this dynamic landscape, India holds the top position as the leading exporter of hair extensions.

Q: What’s your current revenue and projection for the next five years?

A: This year, I successfully surpassed the Rs. 1 crore mark in revenue. Looking ahead, my ambitious goal is to transform my business into a Rs. 200 crore company within the next 5 years. To achieve this, I dedicate myself to expand my brand both internationally and within India. Notably, the current domestic market itself amounts to approximately Rs. 600 crore.

The momentum gained after the Shark Tank show. It has significantly heightened the awareness and interest of people. The exposure on this platform has played a crucial role in popularizing the usage of hair extensions. In India, although the demand for hair extensions exists, people don’t discuss this topic openly; however, there is a clear need, and people actively seek these products.

Hair Extensions Designed By Cadenza Hair
Hair Extensions Designed By Cadenza Hair


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