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Spain to Open a New Consulate in Bengaluru

The Ambassador of Spain, José María Ridao Domínguez, inaugurated a visa application centre at the premises of BLS International. During a media interaction, Ridao Domínguez discussed the relationship between India and Spain and announced the upcoming consulate in Bengaluru.

BLS, a prominent leader in consular services, has introduced its latest Visa Application Center in Delhi for Spain. This establishment reflects BLS International’s dedication to improving customer satisfaction and simplifying the visa application procedure. The new visa application center boasts cutting-edge infrastructure, advanced technology, and capacity to meet the rising demand for visa services. This 7000 square feetfacility guarantees a smooth experience for applicants, incorporating biometric enrollment and document verification systems.

Shikhar Aggarwal, the Joint Managing Director at BLS International, conveyed his excitement regarding the new center. He announced the inauguration of the upgraded facility in Delhi, emphasizing the company’s steadfast dedication to providing unmatched services. The commitment to excellence in visa processing marks the core of the updated infrastructure. This is driven by the integration of cutting-edge technology and a significant expansion of capacity. Shikhar sees this milestone as a reflection not only of the company’s progress but also as a resolute commitment to enhancing every journey. He believes it reinforces the company’s legacy of exceptional service and reliability.

The Interview World witnesses the following highlights of the media interaction session by the Ambassador of Spain.

Q: What mutual benefits and objectives do you foresee in the simultaneous opening of a consulate in India?

A: Spain is visa-friendly for various reasons, like trade and tourism, and we provide positive hospitality to all people. We are happy to share that we have received a green flag from the Government of India to open a new consulate in India soon, which will be in Bengaluru, and at the same time, India will open its consulate in Spain.

Q: Why is BLS International preferred over others?

A: We understand that visa and consular issues are important for Indian citizens and we can’t build good foreign relations with a country without knowing the grassroots relations. To have a new consulate general to improve our system and to improve the premises, from the very beginning of travel to Spain, BLS International is important to us. The selection of BLS is a centralized contract of Madrid. It has decided for a number of embassies of the world for Spain. Our government looked at all the offers in an open tender, and finally, BLS won this tender and chose this offer.

We would like to congratulate BLS International for opening the new visa application center and improving the visa processing services. It is great to see that BLS understands our philosophy behind the consulate section. We strongly believe in the dignity of the people and commit to giving respect to all the people in Spain.

Q: How many visas do you anticipate to process in a year?

A: We process 90,000 visas from New Delhi and Mumbai. We hope that Bengaluru will increase the number. We can increase the number by 15% to 20% with the collaboration of BLS International while addressing the issues in visa applications. Recently, we are also receiving a lot of visa applications for Spain from India.

Q: How do you see India as a market?

A: When you speak about India abroad, people consider India a huge market. We, in Spain, don’t like to consider India only as a market, rather it’s a relationship between the two countries, their people, and the interesting cultural experience. You have a lot of people interested in Spain and we have a lot of people interested in many fields of India. So, it’s not a question of dealing between markets, but it’s between countries, and at the consular end, it’s dealing with people.

Map of Spain
Map of Spain


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