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Serving Humanity: Aman Kabir’s Altruistic Odyssey

The transformation of Aman Yadav into Kabir unfolds a compelling narrative, revealing the altruistic nature of a young individual. Being deeply moved by the societal woes around him, Aman has not confined himself to the safety of his home since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Mere three days after the nationwide lockdown was enforced, Aman embarked on a mission in Varanasi, actively aiding the vulnerable and cremating the deceased. Throughout the pandemic, he tirelessly ferried sick individuals to the hospital on his motorbike and conducted the final rites for those who succumbed to COVID-19, often abandoned by their families.

A police inspector in Varanasi, deeply impressed by Aman’s altruistic endeavors, bestows upon him the name “Kabir” in recognition of his selfless actions.

In an exclusive interview with The Interview World, Aman Kabir shares the poignant details of his altruistic journey in Varanasi. The following are key excerpts from his insightful narrative.

Q: What inspired and motivated you to dedicate your life to serving humanity?

A: During my childhood, I frequently explored various religious sites and places in Varanasi. One poignant scene consistently captured my attention – the plight of individuals left to fend for themselves, abandoned and homeless. Sadly, society often views them as burdens, dismissing their need for compassion.

Contrary to popular perception, I believe these individuals are integral members of our society, deserving of love, care, and a healing touch. Their needs are no different from those of any other person.

A keen observation revealed that passersby often label them as beggars, offering a few coins in passing. In my eyes, these individuals possess a divine essence, much like the rest of us. Circumstances beyond their control have led them to endure such trials.

Motivated by this realization, I resolved to extend my service to them, aiming to provide comfort and care in their time of need.

Q: Could you shed light on the humanitarian activities that you offer?  

A: I approach the solemn task of organizing final rites for frail and exhausted family members with the utmost sensitivity. Engaging in humanitarian and social welfare activities, I extend assistance to elderly and vulnerable individuals within the community. Additionally, I promptly administer medical care to those discovered on the streets and, when feasible, endeavor to reunite them with their families or provide shelter.

Furthermore, my commitment extends to contributing to pandemic relief efforts by donating essential items and supporting those in need. I actively advocate for generosity and encourage people to participate in charitable activities aimed at assisting the less fortunate. Financial support is also provided to economically disadvantaged families, fostering community involvement in their weddings and the distribution of essential goods.

Moreover, I leverage social media and various platforms to connect with lost, wandering, and vulnerable individuals, successfully reuniting them with their families. During festivals and special occasions, I extend a helping hand and share joy with those experiencing separation or severe hardships.

In the face of the 19th wave of the pandemic, I proudly facilitated the reunion of more than 400 people with their families. Experiencing a profound sense of accomplishment, I derive satisfaction from arranging life-saving resources, such as oxygen cylinders, and organizing cremations for numerous deceased during the challenging times of the coronavirus.

Allow me to illustrate with a specific case during the pandemic: Davis, a French tourist, faced breathing difficulties and feared he had contracted COVID-19. Swiftly, I assisted him to the hospital on an e-rickshaw, and ensured he received necessary medications, leading to a notable improvement in his condition.

Q: How do you manage the finances for all these activities?

A: I facilitate this by relying on various donations from individuals, yet securing consistent contributions proves to be challenging. Recognizing this, I pondered on a way to make these donations more inclusive by seeking a mere one-rupee contribution from each person. Consequently, I initiated a crowdfunding campaign on Facebook, urging individuals to contribute just a rupee.

Remarkably, the campaign gained traction, with people utilizing platforms such as Google Pay and Paytm to make their donations. The funds amassed have been instrumental in conducting the cremation of over 60 bodies. Notably, I haven’t utilized any of my funds for these charitable activities since the inception of the fundraising efforts.

Looking ahead, my objective is to establish a transparent financial system to manage these resources effectively.

Q: What future endeavors or aspirations are you currently contemplating, considering the significant achievements you’ve already accomplished at such a young age?

A: What I’ve accomplished so far is minimal and insufficient. I can’t claim to have achieved much. I empathize with the struggles of society, observing the daily sorrows of the neglected in Varanasi. My mission, initiated in Varanasi, aims to extend its reach nationwide. In essence, I recognize that there is much work ahead before I can consider my mission fulfilled.

A Journey of Compassion Beyond Boundaries
A Journey of Compassion Beyond Boundaries



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