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Passion, Precision & Creativity: Crafting Memorable Weddings

Crafting memorable weddings is an art of intertwining dreams with meticulous detail – from ethereal décor that whispers of romance to each creative element that conspires to create an unforgettable tapestry of love through dances and decorations

Shweta Soni, a burgeoning luminary in the realms of event orchestration and wedding choreography, boasts over a decade of profound industry experience. With a foundation rooted in dance and choreography, she deftly amalgamates her fervor for movement with astute event management prowess, fashioning indelible spectacles. Shweta’s odyssey commenced as a professional dancer, honing her skills across ballet, contemporary, and ballroom genres. Her evolution into choreography unveiled her adeptness at narrative expression through dance, rendering her a coveted choreographer for weddings and bespoke occasions.

Despite her attempt to establish an independent event planning venture, the dearth of suitable collaborators prompted her to pivot, opting instead to independently oversee operations while selectively outsourcing specialized talent. Her meticulous attention to minutiae and visionary acumen empower her to curate weddings that epitomize the unique love stories of each couple. From intimate soirées to opulent galas, Shweta not only choreographs dances but also orchestrates the seamless cadence of entire events, garnering resounding accolades within her industry.

Shweta’s unwavering commitment to her craft shines through in her bespoke approach, ensuring each event resonates authentically with her clients’ aspirations. Her avant-garde choreography and flawless event execution have etched her name as a paragon of trust, celebrated for transmuting dreams into reality with finesse and sophistication.

In an exclusive tête-à-tête with The Interview World, Shweta Soni divulges her insights garnered from her tenure as a wedding planner, elucidating her creative methodologies, expounding on the strategies pivotal to executing triumphant events, and shedding light on the common challenges she deftly navigates. Herein lies the crux of her revelations.

Q: Could you share your experiences and insights from planning numerous weddings in the Delhi-NCR region?

A: I have spent a decade in Delhi, where the world of events has become inseparable from my life. Dance, my profound passion, initially steered me into this dynamic industry. Like many, I began not in events but on the dance floor.

My journey commenced at the Kingdom of Dreams, where I immersed myself in dance, performing, and acting under the guidance of the esteemed Shiamak Davar. Transitioning from the backdrop to the forefront, I evolved from a background dancer to a prominent figure, eventually specializing as a wedding choreographer.

Wedding choreography thrusts one into diverse encounters, navigating from delightful to daunting personalities. I have orchestrated events for gatherings spanning from 100 to 600 attendees, meticulously tending to countless weddings, their attendees, and their myriad expectations. These profound experiences have profoundly molded my professional trajectory.

Beyond weddings, my pursuits extended into the realm of Latin dance forms such as salsa, augmenting my repertoire significantly. Concurrently, I oversee a distinguished ladies’ club, orchestrating grand affairs such as annual functions tailored for 80 to 100 discerning women, particularly those from the illustrious precincts of South Delhi.

Every facet of this odyssey holds a cherished place in my heart, each moment a testament to the rich tapestry that defines my narrative.

Q: Have you established a company or brand name under which you have organized all these events?

A: In my endeavor to develop an event planner akin to Sony’s Day Event Planner, regrettably, its execution proved elusive. The propulsion of enterprises is indisputably driven by teams, not solitary endeavors. The magnitude of tasks precluded singular oversight; a cohesive team is indispensable for effective task management. With team expansion, commensurately burgeons the organizational prowess. In the absence of a dedicated team, I engaged external professionals for dance performances, background ambiance, and lighting, albeit not in permanent capacities. The prospect of founding my own enterprise exhilarates me, with robust future prospects firmly in my sight.

Q: Given your extensive experience with hundreds of wedding planning projects, could you elaborate on the team or support system that has enabled you to achieve such success?

A: I am endowed with a formidable support structure, particularly Vibha, for whom I am profoundly grateful. Our collaboration has been a tremendous learning experience, where our synergy is nothing short of symbiotic. She is akin to my left hand to my right, ensuring seamless efficiency in our endeavors, notwithstanding my predominant workload. Our partnership guarantees the seamless flow of operations, dispelling any creative impasses or uncertainties in our strategic trajectory.

Q: Can you explain the creative process involved in it and describe what specific tasks or steps you undertake?

A: In the realm of creativity, the ladies’ club exhibits a meticulous dedication to scriptcraft. Their performances are relentless spectacles, seamlessly intertwining drama, dance, and comedy into uninterrupted hour-long narratives.

In ‘Queen of Hindustan,’ they embodied both the titular queen and her formidable antagonist with unparalleled finesse. Similarly, in ‘Padmavat,’ their portrayal of Alauddin Khilji was so riveting that it blurred gender lines, rendering them almost indistinguishable from their male counterparts.

Their commitment knows no bounds; they demand nothing less than absolute devotion to their craft. This reciprocal dedication ignites their passion for performance, ensuring they pour their hearts into every moment on stage, relishing every breath and every applause.

Q: What are the key steps and considerations involved in creating a successful concept?

A: In the domain of conceptualization, our singular focus is on the latest trends. We meticulously dissect viewer preferences in television—identifying the very essence of characters that resonate most profoundly and provide unparalleled entertainment. This pursuit involves a meticulous exploration of diverse character archetypes.

Once unearthed, we embark on a lightning-paced journey of crafting dialogues and scripting entire scenarios for stage performances—be it drama, dance, or any artistic endeavor—accomplished within a mere hour. Our creative genius radiates through every facet, including the bespoke selection of songs tailored to each character.

Consider our recent magnum opus, ‘Kapoor and Sons,’ a tour de force featuring an astonishing repertoire of 100 songs. Spanning epochs from the legendary Prithviraj Kapoor to contemporary icons like Kareena Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan, each musical piece was meticulously choreographed to capture the quintessence of every character.

It’s a tapestry of drama—imbued with the essence of Kareena and Karishma—and resonant echoes from the legacies of Randhir Kapoor and Raj Kapoor. This intricate interplay between characters and melodies epitomizes our methodology, infusing profound richness and vibrancy into every production.

Q: Can you share some of the common challenges you face in your wedding projects?

A: As an entrepreneur, confronting challenges is inexorable. Countless hurdles manifest in the orchestration of events, from choreographing dance sequences to ensuring impeccable technical finesse. Precise coordination with editors for high-fidelity graphics on LED screens assumes paramount importance. Participants anticipate flawless execution. Notwithstanding setbacks like technical glitches during rehearsals, cohesive teamwork remains pivotal. Surmounting challenges constitutes an integral facet of the journey, catalyzing growth and heralding triumph.

Shweta Soni Captured in a Captivating Dance Stance
Shweta Soni Captured in a Captivating Dance Stance

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