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Parivartan: The Catalyst For Tangible Transformation

With a steadfast dedication to serving humanity, Parivartan tirelessly endeavors to forge a brighter future for succeeding generations, attaining its objectives through collaborative endeavors

Prince Chauhan serves as the Secretary at Parivartan, a non-profit organization, which has been fostering real societal changes in Moradabad. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Science and a Master’s in Sociology from Hindu Degree College, Moradabad, Prince’s unwavering commitment to social causes led him to the NGO sector. His leadership skills have enabled him to rise on the cadre and reach the echelon of management team in the NGO.

In an exclusive exchange with The Interview World, Prince Chauhan sheds light on Parivartan’s profound impact on Moradabad and its surrounding communities.

Q: How does Parivartan contribute to societal change?

A: Over the past four years, Parivartan has tirelessly addressed several societal issues. These include slum children’s education, women’s empowerment, environmental conservation, and blood donation drives. Our flagship initiatives, such as Project Pa8Shaala, prioritize education for underprivileged children, while Project Panthini focuses on empowering women. Through Project Prithvi ki Umar Bdhao (PUB), we undertake environmental protection measures like tree plantation, waste management, and water conservation. Additionally, Project Prayas raises awareness about the critical need for blood donation, especially during emergencies.

Q: What role do you play in driving change?

A: Beginning as a volunteer, my stint in the organization stems from my deep-seated desire to serve society, nurtured during my time as an NCC cadet. Motivated by a fervent aspiration to make a meaningful difference, I transitioned into a leadership role within the organization. Today, I spearhead initiatives aimed at realizing our vision for societal transformation.

Q: Could you elaborate on Project Pa8shala’s impact on underprivileged education?

A: Many of the children we serve engage in street begging or vending, unaware of the importance of education. Through Project Pa8shala, we provide them with a holistic educational experience, incorporating sports, multimedia learning, and interactions with inspirational figures. Equally crucial is our effort to counsel parents on the significance of education and the imperative of sending their children to school.

Q: What tangible results has Parivartan achieved?

A: Our efforts have yielded tangible outcomes, including educating over 700 children, with more than 400 subsequently enrolled in government schools. We managed and recycled approximately 5 tonnes of waste. Moreover, we facilitated around 400 blood donations, and supported hundreds of families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, our menstrual hygiene awareness campaigns have distributed over 1,000 sanitary pads to women in rural areas. Our network has also expanded to encompass over 1,500 dedicated changemakers, actively contributing to positive societal change.

Pa8shaala - An Endeavor by Parivartan to Educate and Enroll Slum Children in Schools
Pa8shaala – An Endeavor by Parivartan to Educate and Enroll Slum Children in Schools


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