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Navigating the Intersection of Law and Branding in India

Akanksha Bisen, currently holding the position of Specialist in Business Development and Communications at Jones Day, brings a unique background to her role in legal branding. Transitioning from law to legal marketing and business development, she boasts over a decade of experience within the legal industry. Her focus lies at the convergence of innovation, law, and business. She strives to empower law firms with cutting-edge technologies, enhancing both client engagement and service delivery.

In her capacity as a business-savvy lawyer, Akanksha has spearheaded strategic initiatives for multiple industry teams. Moreover, she has facilitated cross-selling endeavors, and bolstered the firm’s digital presence. Notably, she has been instrumental in evaluating and integrating legal tech solutions, elevating the firm’s efficiency and competitiveness. Furthermore, Akanksha has shared her expertise through publications and speaking engagements, earning recognition as one of Asia-Pacific’s top four BD lawyers by ALB.

In an exclusive discussion with The Interview World, Akanksha Bisen delves into emerging trends in legal branding and marketing. She outlines actionable tools and techniques to enhance branding within the legal sector, highlighting significant transformations unfolding in India’s legal landscape. Moreover, she emphasizes the vast potential within the legal marketing landscape. Here are the key takeaways from her interview.

Q: What are the emerging trends and perspectives on branding within the legal fraternity in India?

A: Understanding the nuances between personal brand and branding is paramount. Often, the term “personal branding” evokes a sense of unease for many individuals. However, breaking it down reveals its significance.

Your personal brand encompasses the essence of who you are – your personality, values, and beliefs. It’s the core of your identity. On the contrary, personal branding is the strategic action you take to express and communicate that identity to the world. It involves shaping perceptions and resonating with your target audience.

Importantly, your personal brand is not something you can evade. It permeates through every facet of your life, whether personal or professional. Those within your inner circle will always have an understanding of your character and work ethic.

Transitioning to the context of law firms, the notion of personal branding might provoke apprehension. It’s often misconstrued as superficial self-promotion, particularly in the era of social media. However, it’s more profound than that.

Personal branding within the legal profession involves crafting a narrative that aligns with your career aspirations. For instance, if your goal is to specialize in tax law, it’s essential to articulate and pursue that path actively. Networking and seizing opportunities play a vital role, but at its core, personal branding is about taking ownership of your professional story.

Failure to assert control over your narrative leaves it susceptible to manipulation by others. To realize your full potential, it’s imperative to embrace personal branding as a means of empowerment and self-advocacy.

Q: What strategies and tools are legal professionals and firms employing to enhance their branding and expand their market reach within the legal fraternity?

A: The multifaceted realm of marketing strategies leverages digital marketing alongside the enduring effectiveness of word-of-mouth tactics. These two avenues represent pillars in our professional toolkit, drawing from both modern advancements and timeless interpersonal dynamics.

As the landscape of business evolves, propelled by technological advancements and shifting consumer behaviors, our approach must adapt accordingly. The contemporary world is characterized by fragmentation, with diverse audiences scattered across various platforms and channels. To effectively navigate this landscape and capitalize on emerging opportunities, we recognize the need for a diverse set of tools and strategies.

Digital marketing emerges as a linchpin in this scenario, leveraging the power of online platforms and data-driven insights to connect with target audiences on a global scale. As someone entrenched in the digital marketing sphere, I naturally gravitate towards this approach, understanding its nuances and potential impact.

However, we also acknowledge the importance of engaging with traditional media and legal platforms, particularly when targeting specific demographics or international clientele. This nuanced understanding underscores the significance of tailoring our strategies to align with the unique needs and preferences of our target audience.

Moreover, we recognize that the efficacy of marketing approaches varies depending on the context. In certain markets, such as tier 2 or tier 3 regions, digital marketing may not yield optimal results, necessitating a more personalized and grassroots approach.

Ultimately, irrespective of the chosen strategy, the cornerstone of effective marketing lies in building genuine connections and fostering meaningful relationships. By actively engaging with clients and prospects, demonstrating empathy, and providing value, we lay the groundwork for long-term success in an ever-evolving landscape.

Q: What are the key transformations occurring within the legal landscape of the country?

A: It’s been a year and a half since my last visit, and during this time, I’ve observed a notable shift in people’s attitudes towards legal marketing. There seems to be a growing openness and recognition of its significance. Reflecting on my experiences as a law student, I remember how marketing was often disregarded and met with skepticism. The idea of pursuing a marketing career after graduation was met with raised eyebrows and doubts.

However, in recent times, there has been a noticeable transformation. Law firms and organizations are actively implementing specialized programs tailored for their top-performing employees, especially those with substantial social media followings. This strategic move not only allows them to leverage their employees’ influence but also enables them to connect with a broader audience, thereby benefiting both the organization and its employees alike.

This paradigm shift indicates a broader evolution within the legal profession, adapting to the changing landscape. Consequently, there’s a growing influx of students recognizing the opportunities within this evolving domain.

Q: What are the current prospects for professionals in the field of legal marketing?

A: In contemporary India, a significant transformation is underway within the legal marketing landscape, marked by notable sophistication. Gone are the days when legal marketers were confined to mundane tasks like scanning business cards and managing Excel sheets. The emergence of AI and other cutting-edge technologies has catalyzed a paradigm shift in approach.

Today, law firms are actively bolstering their legal marketing departments, embracing innovation with unprecedented fervor. This marks a stark departure from the past when hesitation prevailed due to a reluctance to pioneer unexplored territories. However, the tide has turned, and there’s now a palpable openness to experimentation and embracing new methodologies. Law firms are actively exploring a plethora of technologies, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, to empower their legal marketing teams with the most effective tools available. Despite these strides, it’s evident that there’s still a considerable journey ahead for legal marketing in India, as it continues to evolve and adapt to the rapidly changing technological landscape.

The Evolving Landscape of Legal Branding and Marketing
The Evolving Landscape of Legal Branding and Marketing


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