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Management Is a Delicate Art of Balancing Priorities

GLF Business School (GLFBS) in Kolkata stands as a distinguished management institute affiliated with the West Bengal State University. Established by Prof. Lopamudra Bhattacharyya, a trailblazing figure as the first Woman B-School Founder in India.

This institute amalgamates knowledge, research, industry experience, and international exposure, shaping comprehensive management programs over nearly a decade. Pioneering the integration of Business Analytics into its curriculum, GLFBS offers specialization in cutting-edge fields like Data Science & AI, and Biotechnology, aligning with the demands of a technology-driven industry. Notably, it’s also the first B-School in India to offer specialization in Valuation Studies for all asset classes.

Further, GLFBS garners recognition from the Ministry of MSME, Government of India, as a host institute/business incubator for entrepreneurship development and startup promotion. Its excellence is acknowledged through rankings, with GLFBS Kolkata consistently securing a position among the Top-10 management institutes in India by Higher Education Review. Additionally, it boasts the honor of receiving the prestigious ASSOCHAM Best B-School Award for three consecutive years.

In a privileged conversation with The Interview World, Professor Lopamudra Bhattacharyya, the Founder and CEO of GLF Business School, emphasizes the institute’s distinguished contributions in providing tailored management education programs. She delves into the distinctive pedagogical approach adopted by the institution and elucidates its role in nurturing and guiding startup ventures. Presented below are the pivotal highlights gleaned from her interview.

Q: GLF Business School has many firsts to its reputation such as the first woman-founded B-School and the first B-School to introduce a specialized curriculum. Could you elaborate on this?

A: Indeed, you’re correct. I hold the distinction of being the first woman B-School founder in India. GLF Business School isn’t merely an educational institution; it’s a platform for cultivating leadership qualities, as we aim to groom our students into future leaders. Our focus extends beyond academic excellence; we actively encourage entrepreneurship, particularly among students hailing from middle-class backgrounds. While a few students may come from affluent families, the majority are from middle-class households. By empowering them to become business leaders or entrepreneurs, we envision not only transforming individuals but also uplifting entire families.

In terms of our curriculum, we take pride in pioneering the introduction of a master’s degree program in real estate valuation management, a field crucial for those aspiring to enter the banking sector. Currently, only two institutions in India offer such a program: Shivaji Institute in Maharashtra and GLF Business School. This specialized course addresses a significant industry need, as professionals require a postgraduate degree in real estate valuation to accurately assess properties. Additionally, we offer a distinctive program in biotechnology management.

Furthermore, amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve conducted Startup Bootcamps, providing training to over 100 startups. Despite the shift to virtual platforms, we’ve successfully nurtured numerous startups, contributing to their growth and success. As we continue to evolve, we’re committed to introducing innovative initiatives in management education, further enhancing our offerings and impact.

Q: Given the technological adoption by businesses across sectors, how do you see management education in India?

A: In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the landscape of education has undergone a profound transformation, rendering traditional modes of learning inadequate for many students. The shift towards online education has left a significant portion of students feeling unprepared for the rigors of college life. Accustomed to the convenience and accessibility of digital platforms, they now prefer the comfort of home learning. However, in disciplines like management education, where practical application is paramount, this reliance on virtual learning poses a challenge.

Effective management education demands not just comprehension of theoretical concepts but also the ability to implement them in real-world scenarios. Understanding the material and executing it with precision are fundamental to success in this field. Therefore, while digital learning offers flexibility and convenience, it must be supplemented with hands-on experience and practical application to ensure students are adequately prepared for the demands of the modern workforce.

Q: How do you differentiate yourself from the other premier management institutes in India and abroad?

A: The premier business schools, whether in India or abroad, have long been recognized as pioneers in their field. Yet, our institution approaches this legacy with a unique perspective. For instance, we have taken the initiative in revolutionizing the realm of real estate valuation management. This demonstrates our commitment to innovation and setting new trends.

Our educational philosophy extends beyond the confines of traditional classroom instruction. Instead, we prioritize experiential learning, believing that true understanding comes from practical application. Thus, we immerse our students in real-world situations, encouraging them to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical contexts.

Furthermore, we place a strong emphasis on cultivating leadership qualities among our students. By providing opportunities for them to lead and mentor others, we empower them to become catalysts for change within their communities.

In essence, our goal is not merely to impart knowledge, but to equip our students with the skills and confidence to thrive in the professional world. We believe that by fostering a culture of innovation, hands-on learning, and leadership development, we are preparing our students to make a meaningful impact in their chosen fields.

Q: How are you managing and mentoring tech startups since your institute is not in technical education?

A: Finding equilibrium between different aspects of life isn’t just about managing; it’s about the delicate art of balancing. This skill becomes particularly paramount when one endeavors to navigate the intricate interplay of household responsibilities and a demanding career. Women, often depicted with multiple arms like the goddess Durga, symbolize this innate ability to manage numerous tasks simultaneously, emphasizing the importance of multitasking in modern life.

Within the realm of mentoring tech startups, the emphasis is on creating a collaborative ecosystem conducive to growth. This ecosystem provides unfettered access to an array of essential resources, ranging from skilled personnel to necessary materials. For instance, our specialized management courses, focusing on fields like Data Science & AI, and Biotechnology, require not just theoretical knowledge but also practical expertise in the technical domain. Our integrated approach to education ensures that students are well-equipped to handle the complex intersection of technology and business management.

Ultimately, effective management revolves around optimizing the utilization of available resources to achieve maximum efficiency. It’s about leveraging every tool at one’s disposal to navigate the challenges and opportunities that come one’s way, ensuring sustainable success in both personal and professional endeavors.

GLF Business School – Delivering Tailored Management Education Programs
GLF Business School – Delivering Tailored Management Education Programs


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