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MAHI: Championing Women’s Participation in Real Estate

MAHI aims to cultivate an inclusive environment for women in the real estate sector, fostering collaboration to exchange experiences, enhance skills, leverage resources, drive influence, collectively evolve, and effect enduring change

National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) has established MAHI – NAREDCO Women’s Wing for empowering women entrepreneurs and encouraging participation of women in the real estate sector and allied fields. MAHI strives to create an environment where women in the real estate sector can come together: to share experiences, harness their skills, draw on their resources, influence, grow together, and bring about lasting change. MAHI ensures an active engagement of members with other stakeholders in the sector and works towards the development and growth of the sector, with due recognition for the contribution of women in the sector.

In a candid and insightful dialogue with The Interview World at the 3rd NAREDCO MAHI Convention, Dr. Ananta Singh Raghuvanshi, President of MAHI, NAREDCO, delved into the extensive initiatives and projects spearheaded by MAHI. She also outlined her profound long-term vision for the organization. Here are the key highlights from her interview.

Q: What is the NAREDCO MAHI initiative, and what are its underlying goals and motivations?

A: NAREDCO, established 25 years ago, is a prominent organization with a robust membership of 11,000 builders. Within NAREDCO, MAHI serves as the dedicated women’s wing, focusing on fostering gender integration in the real estate sector. Operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, MAHI addresses the notable underrepresentation of women in this industry. Our mission is to increase female participation and support the growth of women already in the sector. To achieve this, we offer comprehensive initiatives for skill development and other essential support to ensure their professional success.

Furthermore, we have launched Dolphin Tank, a startup incubator tailored for women aspiring to enter the PropTech arena. This initiative targets those who seek alternatives to mainstream corporate roles, providing a six-month rigorous training program. Dolphin Tank assists women from the initial idea phase to the establishment of a flourishing startup. Throughout this process, we offer vital resources, including funding, knowledge, and other necessary support. Our goal is to empower women entrepreneurs, enabling them to transform their innovative ideas into successful business ventures. Through these efforts, NAREDCO and MAHI are committed to creating a more inclusive and dynamic real estate sector, fostering opportunities for women at every level.

Q: How are women responding to your approach?

A: We are receiving an overwhelming response with a multitude of applications, allowing us to carefully select the initial cohort of 11 participants. These individuals are currently immersed in an intensive six-month training program within the accelerator, preparing them comprehensively for future challenges and opportunities.

Q: Can you share what new projects your team is currently working on?

A: We have spearheaded several impactful initiatives aimed at water conservation. One notable program is the Bal Jal Sena, which actively involves schools as advocates for saving water, effectively spreading awareness and promoting responsible usage among students. Our participation in events like Neerathon and Plum X underscores our commitment to advancing environmental sustainability through innovation and collaboration.

On the skilling front, Nired plays a crucial role by offering comprehensive RERA coaching, equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for real estate regulatory compliance. Additionally, through Nipun, we empower women laborers by providing them with training and resources essential for enhancing their livelihoods and economic independence.

Furthermore, our monthly MAHI Talks serve as a platform for knowledge-sharing and empowerment, featuring esteemed speakers who engage with women on various topics, fostering personal and professional growth.

These initiatives reflect our dedication to creating positive change and making a significant impact in both environmental conservation and community development.

Q: What initiatives does your organization have in place to enhance market connectivity?

A: MAHI is not merely a marketing platform for builders, nor is it a broker network. It exclusively serves women. Today, for instance, we are hosting the MAHI Awards, where there are no nomination charges whatsoever. We have actively sought out stars in this domain and are proudly presenting these awards to them.

Q: What are your plans for the next five years?

A: We are committed to achieving a 30-40% minimum representation of women in this sector, a pivotal objective. When discussing homes, my rallying cry is ‘Jai Nirman, Jai Makan’. This mantra reflects our core values. Women must be integral to realizing this vision.

MAHI - Empowering women to showcase their talents in the real estate sector
MAHI – Empowering women to showcase their talents in the real estate sector

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