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Hindu Sewa: Preserving Hindu Traditions in the Digital Realm

Based in Varanasi, Hindu Sewa aims to preserve the authenticity and decorum inherent in the realm of religious practices. The objective of the organization is to safeguard the faith of the Hindu community in ancient traditions. Moreover, Hindu Sewa upholds the sanctity of the mediums involved, including priests, gurus, astrologers, and other religious figures.

Hindu Sewa meticulously chooses teams, comprising individuals with diverse expertise such as scholars, priests, astrologers, and advisors. This collective brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure the organization’s commitment to authenticity and excellence.

Hindu Sewa goes beyond merely disseminating accurate information; it extends to providing personalized logistical support. It aspires to consistently deliver a delightful and spiritually fulfilling experience to its clients and patrons. Furthermore, the organization nurtures their faith to flourish and yield meaningful results.

In an insightful discussion with The Interview World, Momy Saikia, the Founder of Hindu Sewa, emphasizes how the organization is dedicated to offering hassle-free services specifically tailored to Hindu rituals. Below are key excerpts from her interview.

Q: Can you tell us about the inspiration behind founding Hindu Sewa and the mission you set out to achieve?

A: In October 2023, I travelled to Gaya to offer Pind Daan on my late mother’s first death anniversary. However, the overall experience left me deeply disappointed. The local pandits were not only unhelpful but also engaged in bullying behaviour towards the people seeking their guidance.

One priest even went so far as to accompany us solely to secure business. To add to the dismay, the temples and ritual sites were in a deplorable state. The temple site was far from the anticipated clean and peaceful environment conducive to performing emotional rituals.

This disappointing encounter prompted discussions between myself and my co-founder about the need to enhance such experiences for others. Simultaneously, my co-founder, Sundeep Bhardwaj, leveraged his extensive network of people from India and abroad in their visits to Varanasi for pilgrimage and ritualistic purposes. Out of these discussions, Hindu Sewa was born.

We aim to offer genuine support and a hassle-free experience to pilgrims visiting Varanasi, Gaya, Chitrakoot, Haridwar, and Ayodhya. The intention is to ensure that individuals are not exploited or mistreated during their religious endeavours. Additionally, Hindu Sewa seeks to promote ashrams as centres for spiritual and religious activities. Moreover, we provide these establishments with an additional source of income. Simultaneously, we aim to offer people an opportunity to experience the serene life within these ashrams.

Q: What specific services does Hindu Sewa offer to devotees? How do you ensure authenticity and adherence to traditional Hindu rituals and ceremonies?

A: Hindu Sewa has established a robust foundation to offer a wide range of services to the Hindu community. This includes seamless arrangements and the provision of priests for various Hindu rituals and ceremonies, including the crucial last rites. We also ensure the availability of authentic pooja essentials and indigenous products, all backed by Hindu Sewa’s guarantee of quality.

Comprising scholars, priests, astrologers, and advisors with several generations of lineage, our team emphasizes the significance of the right knowledge and intent. Each member is carefully selected with a focus on authenticity. Beyond their qualifications and extensive experience, our team members already command respect among patrons worldwide. Hindu Sewa is dedicated to upholding its reputation, mirroring our commitment to delivering genuine services to clients and patrons alike.

Religious rites, rituals, and ceremonies hold profound personal significance for those performing them. They serve as a testament to unwavering faith in God and the belief that priests are the mediums to convey messages and prayers. In this business, authenticity is paramount, as any deviation from it could jeopardize our existence in this field.

Q: In what ways does Hindu Sewa cater to the diverse needs and preferences of clients, considering the variety of rituals and ceremonies in Hinduism?

A: Our team comprises a range of highly skilled experts with extensive experience, many of whom come from ancient lineages. Beyond their expertise in conducting rituals and ceremonies, they also serve as guides, imparting valuable knowledge and education to our clients.

Q: How does Hindu Sewa leverage technology and online platforms to connect with devotees globally and facilitate remote participation in rituals and ceremonies?

A: We encourage and offer services to devotees in person, emphasizing the importance of physical presence in rituals. However, recognizing the need for convenience, we also extend our services online. The fundamental life lesson here is that true gain often involves some level of “pain” or effort. Being physically present during rituals is crucial, ensuring the devotee’s complete mental engagement.

For those unable to attend in person due to genuine reasons such as poor health or a family death, we provide an online option. In this digital realm, we have the necessary technological infrastructure and a dedicated team to ensure a hassle-free, transparent, and pleasant experience comparable to our offline service standards.

Q: How do you navigate the balance between preserving the sanctity of ancient rituals and adapting to the evolving needs and expectations of modern clients?

A: Hindu Sewa goes beyond simply organizing services. We take pride in providing guidance and education to our clients. Moreover, we ensure they understand the correct reasons and methods for performing rituals and ceremonies. This, in essence, is our unique selling proposition (USP).

In a world often dominated by commercial motives that lead clients to exploitation or misinformation, we stand apart by steering our clients in the right direction. This not only upholds their faith in the divine but also reinforces their trust in us. After all, it is the steadfast faith of people that has sustained these rituals and traditions for thousands of years.

Q: Looking ahead, what are the plans and aspirations for Hindu Sewa, and how do you envision its role in promoting and preserving Hindu traditions on a global scale?

A: It is essential to comprehend the purpose and rationale behind our actions in life, allowing us to fully embrace them with unwavering dedication and faith. By imparting knowledge about the traditions, as well as the religious and spiritual facets of Hinduism, we aim to deepen people’s interest and foster respect. As individuals gain a profound understanding of the significance underlying these aspects, they are more likely to appreciate and value them. Serving as a conduit for this knowledge, we aspire to be the medium through which awareness and understanding are propagated.

Sundeep Bhardwaj, Co-founder, Hindu Sewa
Sundeep Bhardwaj, Co-founder, Hindu Sewa

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