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Hair Loss is Treatable, You Need the Right Experts

Dr. Krishna Murari Mishra, an MBBS from Sri Krishna Medical College, Muzaffarpur, an MS (General Surgery) and an MCh in Plastic Surgery from Patna Medical College & Hospital, Patna. Currently, he is the Founder & Director of Ashutosh Memorial Hospital in Patna. He also worked as an Assistant professor in RDGMC, Ujjain, UCMS, Nepal. He has covered advanced training in hair transplantation from reputed international hair transplant surgeons. In an exclusive interview with The Interview World, he enlightens on the various aspects of hair loss and hair transplantation.

#1. What are the main reasons behind hair loss?

Hair loss or #alopecia can occur because of many reasons including but not limited to genetic inheritance, male hormonal influence, scalp infections like ringworm, nutritional deficiency, stress, prolonged illness, thyroid disorders, cancer, high blood pressure, traumatic events, and arthritis.

#2. What are the modern techniques used for treating hair loss?

Fundamentally, two techniques such as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) are used in hair transplantation. FUT is an advance over older hair transplantation procedures that used larger grafts and often produced a pluggy, unnatural look. In a properly performed follicular unit transplant, the results will mimic the way hair grows in nature and will be undetectable as a hair transplant. On the other hand, FUE generally has a quicker patient recovery time and significantly lower post-operative discomfort than FUT.

#3. How does Ashutosh Memorial Hospital differentiate itself from other hospitals in hair transplantation?

Ashutosh Memorial Hospital has specialties in hair transplantation in creating record for treating a case of alopecia universalis successfully. This is a very rare case in which all the hair of scalp and body is lost, and it becomes very difficult to regrow the hair. Long hair transplantation is a technique in which a bald person looks normal in few days while in other techniques it takes around 6 months. We are expert in long hair transplant which gives instant enhancement & natural look and we are the only hospital in North India specialized in this domain. People from over 30 countries have taken such treatment in our hospital are leading a happier life. Most of these patients are from the Middle East. We have demonstrated to the world that such rare hair disease can be treated with due diligence.

#4. What are the new trends in hair transplantation?

Today, people are becoming more look and aesthetic oriented. Apart from the hair loss on head, people are also ready to transplant moustache, beard, and eyebrow. In extreme cases like hair loss due to burning can also be treated and we are doing that at Ashutosh Memorial Hospital.

#5. What’s your message for the patients with extreme hair loss?

As hair loss has also been noticed in younger generation, youth with hair loss before marriage can also plan early to go for hair transplantation so that by the time wedding happens, they can have well-grown hair, providing them a smart look. Hair loss is treatable. You need experts to address your issues. At Ashutosh Memorial Hospital, we are ensuring our patients advanced treatment with affordable cost so that they can get mental peace and a cosmetic look that’s rather more natural.


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