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Gen Z Can Explore Myriad Opportunities in Hospitality Space

Culinary Quotient emerges as a leading consulting firm within the hospitality sector, offering a comprehensive array of services spanning from conceptualization to execution. With a steadfast focus on new concept development, operational assessments, and turnkey projects, the firm embodies an unwavering commitment to delivering unmatched expertise. Rooted in a profound passion for food, beverage, and music, this ethos permeates every facet of the consultancy’s operations.

Drawing upon over 25 years of invaluable experience, Culinary Quotient excels in project management, guiding aspiring restaurateurs and hoteliers through each phase of their journey. From conceptualization and design to financial planning, menu ideation, marketing, training, and grand launches, the firm is dedicated to realizing clients’ visions, fostering enduring partnerships, and celebrating collective success.

In a dynamic exchange with The Interview World amidst the spirited atmosphere of the Culinary and Hospitality Summit 2024, hosted by the esteemed School of Culinary and Hotel Management at Manav Rachna University, Chef Bakshish Dean, Co-Founder and Owner of Culinary Quotient, expounded upon the company’s endeavors.

Chef Bakshish articulated the ongoing commitment to driving innovation in the industry, envisaged the trajectory of hospitality, underscored the pivotal role of emerging technologies, and issued a passionate call to action for the younger generation to embrace the boundless opportunities within the hospitality sector. Herein lie the salient highlights from his insightful discourse.

Q: How would you describe the operations and unique aspects of the hospitality firm you’re managing?

A: At the helm of Culinary Quotient stands a commitment to empowering aspiring entrepreneurs as they navigate the intricacies of the hospitality industry. Serving as both mentors and strategic partners, we offer comprehensive guidance from the inception to the execution of their business ventures. Through collaborative efforts with indispensable agencies, we ensure a seamless journey from ideation to implementation.

Our approach entails enlightening entrepreneurs on the indispensable elements required for project fruition and then providing steadfast support as they navigate the complexities of the industry landscape. Whether it’s crafting the ambiance of a restaurant, curating the experience of a club, orchestrating the operations of a hotel, or optimizing the functionality of a kitchen, our extensive expertise spans across these diverse realms. At Culinary Quotient, we are dedicated to fostering the success of every entrepreneurial endeavor in the dynamic and vibrant realm of hospitality.

Q: What transformations do you anticipate for this industry over the next decade?

A: The hospitality industry surges forward at an unprecedented pace, propelled by post-COVID recovery. This rapid growth is palpable across various sectors, notably in hospitality. From the bustling activity of hotels to the flourishing culinary scene of restaurants, expansion occurs at an astonishing rate, surpassing previous benchmarks. The hospitality sector’s resilience and adaptability signal a promising future, offering a beacon of hope amid economic uncertainties. Within this dynamic landscape, opportunities abound for both seasoned professionals and aspiring talents, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of job creation and employment. Indeed, the industry’s trajectory heralds a new era of prosperity and innovation.

Q: How will emerging technologies shape the future landscape of the hospitality sector?

A: Let’s delve deeper into the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) and its profound impact on various industries, particularly in hospitality. It’s crucial to dispel any misconceptions and recognize AI’s role in expediting data integration. By harnessing AI, we can amalgamate vast volumes of information with unprecedented efficiency, facilitating swift decision-making and yielding invaluable insights.

The essence of AI lies in its ability to accelerate processes, enabling us to transcend the limitations of traditional data management. Through dedicated platforms, AI seamlessly integrates disparate data sources, transforming raw information into actionable intelligence at an astonishing pace. This not only streamlines operations but also heralds a paradigm shift in how we approach problem-solving and innovation.

Consider the hospitality sector, where technology is revolutionizing the guest experience and operational efficiency. Embracing AI-driven solutions empowers businesses to optimize everything from reservation systems to guest feedback management. The future of hospitality lies in leveraging technology to deliver personalized, seamless experiences that exceed customer expectations.

In parallel, I am spearheading a venture aimed at revolutionizing hospitality operations through AI-enabled solutions. With a year of intensive development already underway, our platform promises to redefine industry standards. By integrating every aspect of hospitality management, from reservations to procurement, we aim to streamline processes and drive efficiency.

Imagine a world where establishing a hotel or restaurant takes merely two months instead of the conventional six. Our platform will eliminate the cumbersome process of coordinating with multiple agencies, saving valuable time and resources. This underscores the immense potential of emerging technologies to revolutionize traditional industries and propel them into the future.

Q: What is your message for the Generation Z?

A: Step boldly into the realm of hospitality! Generation Z is uniquely positioned, born amidst the technological revolution, granting them unparalleled opportunities. Their firsthand experience with rapid advancements equips them with remarkable adaptability and insight. While we, of older generations, traversed a path without the luxuries of modern technology, they navigate with ease and efficiency. Millennials, in particular, display extraordinary intellect and agility, swiftly acclimating to the dynamic ecosystem.

My message to them is clear: remain vigilant for the myriad opportunities awaiting in the hospitality sphere. Their innovative thinking, coupled with their proficiency in technology, promises to inject fresh perspectives and transformative solutions, enhancing the industry’s vitality and resilience. Let them recognize their potential to shape the future landscape of hospitality, bringing forth invaluable contributions and redefining standards of excellence.

Elevating Experiences - Where Expertise Meets Heart in Hospitality
Elevating Experiences – Where Expertise Meets Heart in Hospitality


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