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From Innovation to Radiance: Neewer Lifts Visual Excellence

Neewer empowers dreams by enabling artists to fulfill their creative potential through pioneering innovations

As a globally acclaimed brand in photographic equipment, Neewer builds tailored software and hardware for photography, live streaming, and videography. Its extensive product line caters to the diverse needs of creators. Neewer offers essential photography lighting equipment such as LED panels, flashes, and ring lights. Furthermore, it develops high-quality video recording gear like video lights, monitors, and microphones. Additionally, Neewer provides a comprehensive array of auxiliary light control accessories, including softboxes, tripods, lenses, and filters. These accessories ensure that professionals and enthusiasts alike have access to the tools necessary to elevate their craft.

Through its commitment to innovation and quality, Neewer has successfully established a complete social, commercial, and photographic ecosystem. Neewer unfailingly empowers creators across the globe to bring their visions to life.

In an exclusive dialogue with The Interview World, Kevin Sheppard, Regional Coordinator for UK & EU Marketing at Neewer, offers valuable insights into the extensive range of products manufactured by the company for the photography and videography industries. He also provides perspectives on the dynamics of the global market and highlights market responses, particularly focusing on India.

Q: How would you describe the range of activities undertaken by Neewer?

A: In our strategic expansion into the Indian market, we are keenly aware of its immense potential for Neewer. Daily, we are inundated with inquiries from Indian customers via various channels, demonstrating a burgeoning demand for our products. These customers actively seek out our presence on social media and our website. Moreover, they explore our offerings and inquire about availability in India. Before the exhibition, our distribution network was lacking, but we have since solidified a partnership with a prominent distributor. This collaboration will undoubtedly enhance the accessibility of our products, catering to the diverse needs of the Indian consumer base.

Q: How would you describe the range of products manufactured by Neewer, and in which industries are they primarily utilized?

A: Our offerings encompass every facet of photography and videography, while serving the dynamic needs of the film industry. From cutting-edge motorized sliders to versatile panel lights, precision spotlights, an extensive range of flashes, strobe lights, and a plethora of smaller accessories for tripods and monopods, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to meet diverse creative demands.

Furthermore, in a bid to further solidify our market position, we’ve recently intensified competition with our industry counterpart, SmallRig. This strategic move has led to the development of a new line of smartphone cages meticulously engineered for the latest models such as the iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and the Samsung Galaxy S24 and S25. Additionally, we’ve unveiled the Universal Smartphone Video Rig, designed to empower content creators, including budget-conscious YouTubers, to enhance their production quality affordably.

This concerted effort not only enhances accessibility for customers with substantial budgets but also ensures inclusivity by catering to individuals with more limited financial resources.

Q: How does the global market size of photography and videography correlate with your company’s market share?

A: Since the dawn of the 21st century, our global footprint has steadily expanded across numerous nations. Initially, our stronghold resided in the United States, home to our largest consumer base. Subsequently, we extended our reach to encompass the diverse markets of Europe. Despite burgeoning demand, our presence in the Far East remains nascent. However, recognizing the burgeoning opportunities, we are poised to venture into the dynamic Indian markets. With its vast population and evolving economy, India presents an enticing prospect for our expansion endeavors, promising to unlock new avenues of growth and prosperity for our company.

Q: What factors do you anticipate will shape the trajectory of growth in the videography and photography industry over the next decade on a global scale?

A: We’re spearheading a transformative shift within the company’s operations. Previously, our focus lay predominantly on entry-level products, catering primarily to beginners with offerings priced at the lower end of the spectrum. However, our trajectory has since evolved, culminating in the introduction of a premium range meticulously crafted for seasoned industry professionals.

Consequently, our products are now garnering attention from professionals drawn to their exceptional quality and performance. They’re realizing that our offerings yield results comparable to those of higher-priced industry counterparts, all while aligning with a significantly more accommodating budget, thus solidifying our position as a formidable competitor in the market.

Q: What are your observations regarding the responses in India, particularly about this exhibition?

A: Ever since our arrival, there has been an influx of interest, drawing numerous individuals to our stand upon catching sight of the Neewer logo adorning the backdrop. Amidst the bustling crowd, a recurring sentiment emerges as people express recognition and curiosity about our brand, eagerly seeking information on purchasing our products on-site. Fortunately, our exclusive distributor stands alongside us, fortifying our collaborative efforts. This partnership not only enhances the accessibility of our products but also signifies a strengthened bond with our Indian audience. Together, we pave the way for increased availability, ensuring that our offerings resonate far and wide.

Advanced Illuminating Solutions by Neewer for Infusing Excellence in Photography and Videography
Advanced Illuminating Solutions by Neewer for Infusing Excellence in Photography and Videography


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