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Farmkey Disrupting Agri Input Marketplace in India

Farmkey ensures farmers nationwide access essential products promptly at their doorstep

Mohan Sharma, the Founder of Farmkey Agri Services Pvt. Ltd., stands at the forefront of entrepreneurship, spearheading the establishment of a comprehensive marketplace catering to farmers’ needs, encompassing seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides. Originating in Jaipur, Rajasthan in 2019, Farmkey was Mohan’s response to the multifaceted challenges faced by farmers.

Before embarking on this venture, Mohan accumulated invaluable experience through roles at renowned national and international firms, including Bayer Crop Science, Thompson Reuters, and Godrej Agrovet Ltd. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science from Rajasthan Agriculture University and a Master’s in Agri-Business Management from Allahabad Agriculture Institute, a deemed university, Mohan possesses a deep understanding of the agricultural landscape.

In an exclusive dialogue with The Interview World, Mohan accentuates how Farmkey has revolutionized the agricultural marketplace in India, shifting the focus squarely onto the needs of the farming community.

Q: Can you outline the unique features and advantages of Farmkey that distinguish it from competitors in the market?

A: Farmkey upholds a commitment to service quality, precision, accuracy, and swift delivery. Ensuring farmers nationwide receive their essential products—seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides—promptly at their doorstep is our top priority. Leveraging courier services and India Post, we streamline logistics for efficiency.

Our user-friendly interface and doorstep delivery system not only expedite the process but also save farmers valuable time. Shopping for hybrid seeds, genetically modified seeds, fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides, and insecticides on Farmkey is seamlessly intuitive. Additionally, we offer a range of farm equipment, including sprayers, implements, agricultural pumps, and remote-operated tools.

Farmkey also prioritizes safety and security, assuring customers of a protected transaction environment. Moreover, we are on the verge of integrating Paytm payment gateways onto our platform, further enhancing convenience and security. With a world-class payment gateway, customers can rest assured that their sensitive banking information remains safeguarded, free from any risk of leakage.

Q: How does Farmkey contribute to agricultural support and what specific services does it offer?

A: At present, our extensive inventory boasts over 1000 diverse seed varieties, spanning vegetables, flowers, crops, and fruits. Complementing this, we offer fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, weedicides, farm equipment, and sprayers. Moreover, our commitment to agricultural excellence is further evidenced by the provision of comprehensive technical support to farmers, facilitated through our dedicated call center services.

Q: How is the market reacting to your offerings?

A: Today, our platform stands as a beacon of transformation in the agricultural input marketplace. With a clientele exceeding 75,000 farmers and turnovers surpassing Rs. 15 crore within a mere two years of inception, our impact resonates profoundly. Furthermore, our extensive network includes collaborations with 40 agricultural input product companies, spanning across both domestic and international realms.

Q: How do you envision expanding your operations shortly?

A: We are actively strategizing to expand our operations by collaborating with companies. Moreover, we desire to broaden our product line to encompass farm tools and machinery. Simultaneously, we are intensifying our efforts to advocate for farmers through engaging initiatives. Our overarching goal is for Farmkey to profoundly impact the majority of Indian farmers, revolutionizing modern farming practices and fostering sustainable agricultural growth across the nation.

Expansive Agri Input Offerings by Farmkey
Expansive Agri Input Offerings by Farmkey


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