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Eco-Friendly Transportation: HUSE Mobility Leads the Way

Sujan Industries established HUSE Mobility Pvt. Ltd. in 2021 as a leading sustainable solutions company in India. The company actively promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle nationwide. At its core, HUSE aims to make groundbreaking sustainable products and solutions accessible to the masses, all while keeping them budget-friendly.

In a recent interaction with The Interview World, Debasmita Saha, Head of Marketing and PR at HUSE Mobility Pvt. Ltd., sheds light on the company’s vision for sustainable mobility solutions. She emphasizes the market demand for these innovative products and discusses how HUSE is effectively tackling last-mile mobility challenges sustainably. Here, we present the key insights gleaned from her interview.

Q: How does HUSE Mobility envision the future of transportation through its electric mobility solutions?

A: HUSE, short for “Help Us Save Earth,” embodies our commitment to sustainability. Established in 2021, our company envisions a better future through sustainable practices. Every facet of our business aligns with this vision, from our core brand to all subsidiary ventures.

One such venture is HUSE Mobility, dedicated to electric vehicles (EVs). Our product lineup includes a diverse range of scooters and hoverboards, complemented by a partnership with Segway for go-karts. We aim to introduce the concept of micro-mobility in India, recognizing the imperative of reducing our carbon footprint for a sustainable future.

This conviction underscores our belief that electric vehicles hold the key to addressing last-mile and first-mile connectivity issues. Charging an electric vehicle for three to four hours provides a range of 35 to 50 kilometers, perfectly suited for daily commutes and short trips.

Our offices fall within this range, enabling convenient travel for various purposes, from leisure activities to educational commitments, without relying on fossil fuels that harm the environment.

This ethos drives our multifaceted approach, which extends beyond vehicles. Rooted in the legacy of our parent company, Sujan Industries, with over three decades of manufacturing experience, HUSE encompasses three verticals: HUSE Mobility, HUSE Energy, and HUSE Life. Our scope includes innovative projects like floating solar installations and asset tracking solutions, reflecting our comprehensive vision for sustainability.

Q: What is the market outlook for products like these, particularly sports items incorporating electric batteries?

A: The market is experiencing a surge due to the appeal of our innovative products and their non-traditional designs. Consequently, there is a high level of interest among consumers. Notably, our products stand out distinctly from the bulky scooters commonly seen.

Moreover, our products offer versatile customization options. This flexibility extends to addressing delivery needs efficiently. We’re actively engaging with the gig economy, specifically targeting delivery personnel who can utilize our product to fulfill customer orders.

Presently, delivery workers face challenges with battery swapping stations, impacting their efficiency. Limited range poses additional hurdles for riders, necessitating frequent swaps to sustain their business operations. Hence, we resolve these issues for them.

Q: What approach are you taking to address the challenge of battery swapping?

A: Within our portfolio, we proudly present a diverse array of products, notably featuring one with an impressive 90 to 100 km range. Concurrently, we’re diligently advancing a battery-swapping project, emblematic of our commitment to innovation. This endeavor encompasses a holistic suite of end-to-end services, meticulously designed to cater to the multifaceted needs of our clientele. Through these concerted efforts, we endeavor to provide comprehensive solutions, effectively tackling a wide spectrum of challenges across various domains with utmost efficiency and efficacy.

Q: How do you effectively manage the increasing influx of these vehicles onto Indian roads while ensuring robust measures for the physical security of the rider?

A: These vehicles operate at low speeds, intentionally designed to discourage speeding for safety reasons. As a result, the majority of our vehicles are exempt from registration requirements, emphasizing their utility-focused nature rather than high-speed performance. This philosophy underscores our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions for various needs.

Our product range reflects this ethos, prioritizing functionality and practicality over speed-centric design. For example, our go-karts are purpose-built for use on dedicated tracks or spacious areas like lawns, offering a recreational outlet for enthusiasts. These vehicles, cherished as collector’s items, provide leisurely enjoyment. They rather don’t allow transportation on public roads. By maintaining this focus, we ensure that our offerings align with the expectations and requirements of our customers, fostering a culture of responsible and enjoyable vehicle use.

Q: Should students attending tuition sessions be encouraged to wear headgear for any particular reason?

A: Safety is paramount to us. Prioritizing protection is non-negotiable, particularly with the essential use of headgear. Your valid concern is deeply appreciated, reflecting our shared commitment to safety. Our product line is meticulously tailored for children aged 5 to 14, underscoring our dedication to their well-being. Within the packaging, we explicitly emphasize the necessity of wearing a helmet, instilling this vital habit from the outset. Ensuring proper headgear is worn is pivotal for safeguarding against potential accidents, underscoring our proactive approach to injury prevention and overall safety awareness.

Q: How are you currently strategizing to expand your marketing network?

A: As a D2C brand, we operate through our website, facilitating direct sales while concurrently broadening our reach by solidifying a distributor network. Our marketing endeavors are primarily channeled through social media and digital platforms, encompassing comprehensive campaigns and targeted ads.

Collaborating extensively with influencers, our product garners admiration for its unique appeal and undeniable cool factor. This collaborative effort contributes significantly to our brand’s growth and visibility.

Moreover, our astute market acumen enables us to discern the ever-evolving preferences of today’s diverse consumer base, spanning millennials, boomers, and Gen Z. Recognizing their collective emphasis on style, fashion, and comfort, we continuously adapt our offerings to cater to these evolving demands.

In essence, our multifaceted approach, combining direct sales, distributor partnerships, influencer collaborations, and targeted marketing, positions us at the forefront of meeting consumer needs while staying ahead of industry trends.

Q: What are your plans for exporting your products soon?

A: Indeed! Our market spans the globe, with India as our current focus. However, our ambitions know no bounds; we aspire to extend our reach worldwide. We eagerly anticipate the journey ahead, eager to see where it leads us. Yes, without a doubt.

Q: How does your company collaborate or partner with other businesses?

A: We’re diligently crafting a robust networking ecosystem to facilitate meaningful connections. At present, our endeavors are directed towards contributing to environmental preservation efforts in India, with a special emphasis on initiatives to safeguard our planet. Situated in the vibrant city of Mumbai, our base serves as a hub for innovation and collaboration. However, we recognize that the world is brimming with opportunities for growth and exploration, awaiting those who dare to venture beyond familiar shores.

HUSE Mobility Launches Ninebot Gokart - An Electric Sport Mobility for Children by Segway
HUSE Mobility Launches Ninebot Gokart – An Electric Sport Mobility for Children by Segway


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