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Crafting Indelible Experiences of Customers with VirtuBox

VirtuBox is a dynamic customer engagement solution provider dedicated to facilitating businesses’ interaction with their customers through innovative touchscreen kiosks and mobile applications. These platforms offer seamless access to desired information, enabling users to effortlessly browse through details and make selections with just a few taps of their fingers. Furthermore, VirtuBox provides invaluable real-time insights into visitors’ behavior, preferences, and feedback, thereby empowering businesses to make informed decisions, enhance sales strategies, and keep customers engaged during virtual interactions.

Over time, VirtuBox’s commitment to excellence has led to the expansion of its offerings, culminating in a comprehensive suite of kiosk solutions. These solutions cater to a diverse array of industries, ranging from retail and hospitality to health and tourism. By leveraging VirtuBox’s cutting-edge technology, businesses can effectively reduce labor costs, boost customer engagement, and improve overall operational efficiency, thereby gaining a competitive edge in the market.

In a recent exclusive interaction with The Interview World, Prakash Rastogi, Founder & Director of VirtuBox, shed light on the company’s mission to empower businesses across various verticals to deliver enhanced customer experiences. Prakash elaborated on VirtuBox’s commitment to integrating emerging technologies with existing solutions, discussed their flexible pricing model, and shared his visionary outlook for the future of customer engagement. Here, we present the key insights gleaned from his illuminating discussion.

Q: Could you elaborate on the digital solutions VirtuBox offers to customers alike?

A: We’ve meticulously crafted a robust framework that empowers users to effortlessly craft websites, mobile apps, and kiosks, catering to a myriad of needs. Whether it’s for simple cataloging purposes or integrating secure payment gateways, our platform offers a versatile solution. Users can seamlessly deploy their mobile apps, enabling customers to browse through a plethora of catalogs. They can delve into detailed product descriptions, and conveniently place orders with just a few taps.

Moreover, our kiosk option provides a tangible storefront experience, allowing customers to interact with catalogs, access pertinent information, and make purchases in a user-friendly environment. Post-order processes are seamlessly managed, with options for printing Kitchen Order Tickets (KoTs) and smooth item retrieval protocols.

Notably, our kiosk system boasts the capacity to house thousands of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), ensuring ample product variety for customers to explore. To aid in decision-making and strategy formulation, we offer an intuitive analytics platform, empowering users to gain insights into customer behavior and sales trends.

The beauty of our system lies in its simplicity. Setting up content, making edits, and configuring settings are all streamlined processes. This helps minimize time and effort, and investment. Moreover, it maximizes efficiency and user satisfaction.

Q: How are you integrating emerging technologies such as AR, VR, and AI to ensure your solutions are future-ready?

A: Our platform offers versatile options for users to showcase their spaces and products effectively. Firstly, you can utilize 360 walkthroughs to highlight various locations such as factories, stores, and more. This immersive experience provides viewers with a comprehensive view of your space. Additionally, our interactive map feature allows you to mark the locations of all your stores, enhancing accessibility for potential customers.

Furthermore, you can create dynamic 3D views of images, enabling you to rotate and showcase them from multiple angles. This adds a layer of engagement and detail to your presentations. Moreover, the “Try On Me” feature provides a unique way for customers to virtually try on products like jewelry and spectacles on a human model, enhancing their shopping experience. All these options require only 3D images of your products, making implementation simple and efficient.

Q: Could you please elaborate on the pricing model employed?

A: Indeed, the system operates on a kiosk basis, where the payment structure involves either a one-time fee for the kiosk itself or a recurring monthly cost for the technology employed. It’s important to understand the three fundamental aspects of this arrangement.

Firstly, there’s the hardware component. If a physical device such as a kiosk is required, there’s a necessity for a one-time setup process. This setup is essential for each Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) to ensure the proper generation of content.

Secondly, in the case of 3D modeling or virtual walkthroughs, specialized photography or videography services from content agencies are indispensable. These services come with a one-time cost.

Lastly, there’s the ongoing monthly technology fee, the amount of which depends on the specific technology utilized for the project.

Q: How many customers are currently being served both in India and internationally?

A: Over the span of seven years, we’ve diligently served a clientele exceeding 500 customers, featuring esteemed entities across sectors. Among our distinguished patrons are eminent names in the hospitality, healthcare, and retail industries, including MR. DIY, Hyundai, DLF Mall, Ambience Mall, Phoenix Mall, and Apollo Hospital. These esteemed brands entrust us with showcasing their comprehensive offerings, encompassing roster, catalog, essential information, intuitive wayfinding solutions, and immersive walkthrough experiences, tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

Q: What’s your current market size, and what are your projections for growth over the next 5 to 10 years?

A: Presently, our operational footprint extends across India. We have offices in key cities including Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, and Delhi. Moreover, we are exploring international markets, especially, in regions like the US, Germany, Azerbaijan, and Dhaka. Given the rising prominence of these emerging markets and growing acceptance of our software, the potential for expansion is huge. With plans underway for an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Within the next 2-3 years, our primary objective is to attain a revenue milestone ranging between Rs. 50-100 crore, solidifying our position as a leader in the industry.

VirtuBox Delivering Seamless Experience to Customers on Digital Realm
VirtuBox Delivering Seamless Experience to Customers on Digital Realm


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