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Congress Faces Zero Seats in UP, INDIA Bloc Doomed: Pathak

Brajesh Pathak prognosticates that the venerable Congress party shall encounter an utter dearth in securing parliamentary representation within the province of Uttar Pradesh, whilst the formidable INDIA bloc is poised to undergo a formidable setback of noteworthy magnitude

Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak exudes strong confidence in the BJP‘s ability to secure all 80 Lok Sabha seats in the state. He asserts that the slogan “Abki baar 400 paar” is not merely a political catchphrase but a tangible reality. Pathak predicts that the Congress will fail to win any seats in Uttar Pradesh, and the INDIA bloc will face a significant defeat.

Pathak’s dynamic presence and deep connections across various political parties have earned him renown. His efforts have been instrumental in attracting hundreds of new members to the BJP ahead of the elections. Known for his proactive approach, he regularly inspects services at government facilities and personally assists citizens, such as offering rides to patients in his car, demonstrating his hands-on commitment to governance.

In an exclusive dialogue with senior journalist Ravindra Ojha from The Interview World, Brajesh Pathak shared his perspectives on several issues pertinent to the upcoming elections. He elaborated on the potential impact of the Congress-Samajwadi Party alliance, suggesting it would have minimal influence on the electorate. Additionally, he discussed the significant role of the Ram Mandir in shaping voter sentiment and highlighted the core issues resonating with the electorate, including development and governance.

Pathak’s insights offer a comprehensive view of the BJP’s strategy and confidence as they head into the elections, reflecting his belief in the party’s overwhelming support across Uttar Pradesh. Here are the key insights from his interview.   

Q: How might an improved coordination between Congress and the Samajwadi Party impact the effectiveness and strength of their alliance in this election?

A: In the first phase, the INDIA bloc failed to hold a single joint rally. In the second phase, they managed only a joint press conference. During the remaining phases, their efforts were purely ceremonial. Consequently, the public has rejected them. They have lacked the resolve to engage with the people effectively. The Congress is heading towards its downfall, while the Samajwadi Party has lost its direction. The alliance is doomed; there is no possibility of coordination.

Q: How have the introduction of electoral bonds and recent amendments to the Constitution affected the political prospects of the BJP in recent elections?

A: The highlighted concerns merely underscore the opposition’s pessimistic outlook. With a dearth of substantive issues at hand, their leaders resort to disseminating biased assertions. Regrettably, they fail to recognize the public’s lack of interest and its resolute decision to oust them entirely.

Q: What are the key issues currently being discussed by the electorate?

A: Our Prime Minister‘s visionary leadership, dedicated to the advancement of Bharat, underscores our government’s unwavering commitment to progress. We have significantly strengthened the nation’s economy and upheld rigorous law enforcement through innovative development initiatives and welfare programs. Our actions resonate with our words, fostering global admiration for India’s trajectory. As we forge ahead, we are shaping a new Bharat, a testament to our firm vision. Despite opposition resistance, our transformative efforts remain steadfast.

Q: How might the construction of the Ram Mandir influence voter behavior and electoral outcomes in upcoming elections?

A: The construction of the Ram Mandir marks a momentous achievement in our determination. Following 500 years of unwavering dedication, we finally have the blessed opportunity to behold Lord Shri Ram. This moment holds profound significance for our faith. However, amidst this monumental occasion, criticism has emerged from unexpected quarters. Recently, a leader of the SP, Ram Gopal Yadav, voiced dissent against the Mandir. This stance starkly contrasts with their previous accusations of hypocrisy. It’s disheartening to recall that during the SP regime, devotees of Ram faced violent oppression, being targeted and shot at.

Moreover, Congress has persistently disregarded the historical and spiritual importance attributed to Ram. The irony is palpable as those who disregard the essence of Sanatan tradition now seek to identify as Sanatanis. Nonetheless, despite differing viewpoints, Shri Ram continues to reside steadfastly in our hearts and minds.

Q: What key demographics and voter groups are you focusing on in this election?

A: The BJP stands as a party representing the entirety of society, embodying the principle of ‘sarva samaj’. Our Prime Minister commands unwavering trust from all quarters. This widespread support reflects in the votes we are garnering, fueling our rallying cry: “400 paar” (beyond 400). This ambitious target is achievable under the astute leadership of our Prime Minister. Our resolve is firm: we shall secure victory in all 80 seats of Uttar Pradesh, leaving no room for doubt. Whether it be Rahul Gandhi or Akhilesh Yadav, their electoral defeat is inevitable.

Q: Do you believe the recent incidents of paper leaks will affect your chances in the upcoming elections in Uttar Pradesh?

A: During the tenure of the SP government, question papers were frequently leaked. However, under our administration, we prioritize meritocracy in employment, ensuring that young individuals are given opportunities based on their talents, sans prejudice. Furthermore, our government has implemented numerous schemes aimed at empowering the youth, including the Pradhan Mantri Rozgar Yojana, Atmanirbhar Bharat Yojana, PM Mudra Loan Yojana, and PM Vaani Yojana, all of which have positively impacted millions of young individuals.

Q: Were you expecting a more pronounced polarization of votes in the election results?

A: We approach the election impartially with a proactive outlook, prioritizing development and highlighting our accomplishments. Despite efforts, opposition turnout remains low, failing to mobilize their base. In contrast, our supporters are actively participating in the voting process. This reflects the trust in our party’s track record of progress and fosters enthusiasm among voters.

Brajesh Pathak's Rousing Rally Gathers Momentum in Mirzapur Election Campaign
Brajesh Pathak’s Rousing Rally Gathers Momentum in Mirzapur Election Campaign


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