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Bridging the Gap between Knowledge and Application

Attmans serves as a global digital hub, bringing together a diverse pool of freelance scientists, innovators, and researchers. This dynamic platform enables businesses to tap into a rich source of talent, accelerate research processes, and build cutting-edge products.

One of Attmans’ standout features is its flexibility, allowing industries to kickstart R&D projects tailored to their budgetary constraints. This adaptability provides companies with the freedom to explore innovative avenues without compromising financial considerations.

Facilitating a comprehensive connection with various R&D spending stakeholders—ranging from businesses and government entities to the private sector and higher education—Attmans operates as a bridge that links these diverse sectors. The platform meticulously evaluates the outcomes and impacts of investments, ensuring a thorough understanding of the returns derived from collaborative efforts.

In essence, Attmans steps in to address the existing gap between R&D spending stakeholders and academia, forging a cohesive and symbiotic R&D ecosystem. This strategic alignment brings about a harmonious integration of knowledge, resources, and expertise from both sectors.

In a recent interaction with The Interview World, Dr. Neha Parekh, the visionary Founder and CEO of Attmans, sheds light on the pivotal role her organization plays in seamlessly integrating academia and industry. Dr. Parekh emphasizes how Attmans is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions across diverse sectors. The following excerpts provide insights into her illuminating discussion.

Q: How is Attmans contributing to the integration of knowledge and expertise from both academia and industry to support and uplift the agricultural sector?

A: Attmans serves as an open innovation platform, fostering collaboration between farmers and industries to address innovation challenges. By facilitating the exchange of problem statements, we connect these stakeholders with independent researchers and universities capable of providing solutions.

Functioning as a crucial intermediary between industry and academia, Attmans actively transfers problem statements from industries and farmers to academic institutions for resolution. This collaborative approach enables farmers to access valuable resources and solutions while allowing researchers to gain insights into real-world challenges faced by farmers.

In essence, we act as a vital link, bridging the gap between farmers, industry players, and academia. Our role is not only to empower academia but also to deliver innovative solutions and products to industries. Furthermore, we extend our support by providing solutions for existing products. In doing so, we contribute to the transformation of universities into global innovation centers.

Q: How have successful case studies translated into effective technical solutions for farmers? Can you share some examples?

A: While I may not have the perspective of a farmer myself, I can share a notable case study that exemplifies our capabilities. Recently, we addressed a crucial challenge for a chemical manufacturer deeply involved in API manufacturing.

The company primarily relied on importing a specific herbicide, aspiring to shift towards domestic production to diminish import dependence. Recognizing this opportunity, they reached out to me seeking innovative solutions. I responded by offering cutting-edge formulas at a pilot scale, allowing them to initiate local manufacturing. Consequently, they successfully transitioned from importing the product to producing it domestically.

In addition to this achievement, our team has also developed an engineering solution. We take pride in extending our expertise to farmers, presenting them with inventive products and sustainable solutions. Our reservoir of talents includes patented products and their respective owners, with a significant focus on startups dedicated to revolutionizing the agricultural sector.

Q: How do you establish effective engagement with farmers to understand and address their pain points?

A: Absolutely! Atmans functions as a digital hub, enabling seamless communication with farmers through our user-friendly website. Farmers have the option to either connect digitally by registering on our platform or sharing their problem statements directly on our website.

Alternatively, farmers can opt for the convenience of a phone call. By reaching out to us, they can articulate their concerns, and we promptly comprehend their problem statements, delivering tailored solutions. Importantly, there’s no requirement for farmers to go through an elaborate registration process — a simple call suffices, eliminating any unnecessary hassles.

Q: What emerging technologies do you leverage to develop innovative solutions for the agricultural sector, specifically aimed at assisting and benefiting farmers?

A: While we may not directly employ technologies ourselves, our team of dedicated researchers and academics utilizes cutting-edge tools to address the challenges faced by farmers. Leveraging their technological proficiency and expertise, they actively work towards resolving issues in the agricultural sector. Furthermore, our researchers specialize in deploying instrumental technologies, offering valuable solutions tailored to the needs of farmers. Additionally, they possess formulation technologies, enabling them to provide innovative liquid-based or alternative chemical solutions. In this way, we contribute to the agricultural community by delivering effective and tailored solutions to enhance farming practices.

Integrating Knowledge, Resources, and Expertise to Build Innovations
Integrating Knowledge, Resources, and Expertise to Build Innovations


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