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Aaveg’s Innovative Approach to Redefining Managed Commuting

Founded in 2015, Aaveg has emerged as a valuable solution for large enterprises grappling with the challenges of managing non-core, sensitive, and costly employee mobility operations. The concept of treating employee commuting as a managed service has resonated well with the management philosophies of major corporations, especially those responsible for ferrying employees to and from designated points.

Since its establishment, Aaveg has consistently delivered value across the entire ecosystem. Conducting an in-depth analysis of existing employee commute processes, the company has gone on to develop a refined and cost-effective solution, offering enhanced services to clients while minimizing management efforts.

Aaveg made this achievement possible through a combination of an experienced team and cutting-edge technology. The company has implemented stringent control mechanisms and processes to ensure 100% compliance and operational efficiency. The team comprises seasoned industry professionals with over three decades of experience in transportation management.

Recently, the Delhi government proposed the idea of providing premium transportation services in the Delhi-NCR region. Leveraging its extensive experience in premium mobility services, Aaveg eagerly participated as a bidder, aiming to contribute to the vision of the Delhi government by offering sustainable and safe transport options.

Capitalizing on technology, Aaveg adopted an app-based booking system and entered a competitive bid to secure the contract for premium commuting services in Delhi. In an exclusive interaction with The Interview World, Aaveg’s CEO, Vivek Laroia, sheds light on how the company is set to revolutionize managed commuting services through the strategic use of smart apps. The following are excerpts from his insightful interview.

Q: What’s your market study of Delhi-NCR road commuting that drives you to arrive at such an app-based premium service for commuters?

A: After conducting extensive studies on the bus routes in Delhi-NCR, it became evident that there is a growing demand for an efficient public transport solution. In today’s socially conscious era, individuals are increasingly mindful of their impact on society; however, the lack of viable commuting alternatives hinders their ability to make sustainable choices.

Our comprehensive survey revealed a noteworthy willingness among people to abandon personal vehicles if a suitable alternative is made available. This underscores the urgency of providing an effective public transportation system that aligns with the evolving needs and preferences of the community.

Furthermore, our research uncovered a specific requirement among daily bus commuters in Delhi-NCR for premium services that enhance their commuting experience. To address this, we are poised to introduce a service that goes beyond conventional offerings. Our aim is to provide commuters with a premium bus service featuring amenities such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi, GPS, CCTV, panic buttons, and reclining seats.

In summary, the findings of our study highlight the pressing need for a modernized and user-centric public transportation solution in Delhi-NCR. We are enthusiastic about delivering a premium commuting experience to individuals who seek a hassle-free and comfortable journey.

Q: Given the rising traffic congestion in Delhi-NCR bus routes, do you envision the commuters would prefer your transportation services over Delhi Metro commuting?

A: Our objective is not to compete directly with Metro. Despite the extensive Metro connectivity throughout the city, DTC buses continue to operate at full capacity. It’s important to note that the Metro services in Delhi do not cover as wide a network as the DTC.

The DTC network provides affordable transportation to any destination, offering people convenient access to various places. Currently, a significant majority of commuters prefer buses due to their accessibility to key locations.

To succeed, it’s crucial to carve out a unique market position. The potential is vast, and our Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) will distinguish us. I am confident that residents of Delhi-NCR will appreciate our premium services, even in the midst of traffic congestion on the roads.

Q: How will your app decide to move the bus in case of a booking from an altogether different place distant from your route?

A: Our routes are conveniently displayed in our Aaveg app, complete with designated nodal points. When users book the app, it automatically identifies the closest nodal point and indicates its distance from their destination. This intelligent model gives us a consistent advantage in overcoming any anticipated challenges.

Q: Do you think this business model would be viable from an RoI perspective?

A: The effectiveness of a business model hinges on its successful implementation in practical terms, and Aaveg stands out as a trailblazer in introducing innovative concepts within the mobility sector. Our goal extends beyond mere profitability; we aspire to catalyze a transformative shift in public transportation. Our approach prioritizes not only carving out a niche for ourselves but also maximizing the benefits for both users and society at large. To further this commitment, we are strategically planning a transition to an exclusive fleet of electric buses on our routes shortly.

Aaveg Riding on Smart App for Transforming Transportation
Aaveg Riding on Smart App for Transforming Transportation


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