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A Unicorn in the Making in the Workforce Innovation Space

Where U Elevate empowers next-generation companies with an agile, adaptable, and innovative workforce. It manages various initiatives such as hackathons, industry-driven innovation programs, and mentoring. The organization facilitates the availability of this cutting-edge talent pool for businesses through its hackathon and hiring platform. Moreover, it employs advanced technologies, analytics, and deep expertise to streamline the identification, attraction, and hiring processes.

The overarching goal of the company is to empower and evaluate individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindset. This stringent process enables employees to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. Through diverse programs and initiatives, they aim to nurture creativity, foster critical thinking, and enhance problem-solving abilities. This approach shapes a workforce to not only drive innovation but also to make a positive impact on society.

In a recent interview with The Interview World, Avanish Pandey, Associate Director (Sales) at Where U Elevate, sheds light on how the organization is on the path to becoming a unicorn in talent management innovation. The following excerpts from the interview provide insights into the organization’s unique approach and prospects.

Q: How are you enabling the companies to address their hiring challenges?

A: At Where U Elevate, our company specializes in offering comprehensive talent management services tailored to organizations of all sizes, including startups, mid-size companies, and enterprises. We address the unique challenges faced by each type of organization, providing customized solutions for their specific needs.

For startups, a key hurdle often revolves around devising an effective hiring strategy. As their strategic hiring partners, we collaborate closely with them to recommend optimal models, whether it involves recruiting interns, hiring full-time team members, or engaging freelancers. We assess which model aligns best with their objectives, the desired outcomes, and the associated investment required for each approach. Subsequently, we introduce our AI-enabled hiring platform to streamline the recruitment process and identify the right talent.

Our dedicated talent acquisition team, comprising experienced recruiters, comprehensively understands the specific requirements of each organization. By meticulously screening applications on our platform using AI technology, we automatically filter out candidates who do not meet the job requirements.

Furthermore, we facilitate open innovation through various modes, allowing organizations to connect with external talent. Our end-to-end hackathon management platform empowers companies to conduct innovation activities such as hackathons, case study competitions, and business model competitions for talent acquisition purposes.

Recognizing the importance of an open innovation environment, we assist organizations in establishing Centers of Excellence (COEs) and labs in collaboration with universities. These labs cover a spectrum of disciplines, such as EV labs and cybersecurity labs, where organizations can pose problem statements. Students in colleges or universities then address these challenges, with successful solutions potentially earning them a percentage of their tuition fees as sponsored by the organization. This symbiotic approach creates a mutually beneficial situation for all parties involved.

Q: How much manual work does your platform reduce through automation?

A: We streamline the labor-intensive process of screening and shortlisting profiles for the organization, significantly reducing manual work by more than 80%. With our AI-based platform, the companies receive weighted profiles that address the majority of the challenges associated with manual screening. Let me illustrate this with a customer use case.

I recently engaged with a client, an emerging startup with only one HR professional managing five requirements for content writers, social media managers, and graphic designers. Faced with an overwhelming number of profiles, she expressed frustration with the time-consuming process of sifting through hundreds of applications to identify a suitable candidate from the pool of 100 or 150 applicants. Unfortunately, this is the reality in today’s world.

Our approach involves a two-tiered screening process. Initially, our AI engine conducts the first level of screening, followed by our manual team performing the second level based on the organization’s specific requirements. We commit to providing the exact profiles that precisely align with the organization’s needs.

Effectively, the company gains an additional HR team, strategizing for specific HR requirements. Should challenges arise, such as budget constraints not meeting market standards, we collaborate with the organization to address the shortfall. We provide feedback on candidate expectations and suggest adjustments to the budget to attract higher-quality profiles.

In instances where organizations seek candidates with an extensive skill set but have limited budgets, we work closely with them. We advise them that their desired skill set may not align with their current budget and propose an increase to secure the desired qualifications. Our collaborative approach extends to both organizations and candidates.

Furthermore, our team is dedicated to enhancing employer branding. Before candidates enter the interview process, we work with them to ensure a thorough understanding of the organization’s work, brand, and career opportunities. The impact of this support is evident in the positive testimonials we receive, reflecting the growth and success of our clients.

Q: How many clients do you have and what’s your revenue model?

A: We currently serve a diverse clientele, boasting over 50 clients, all of whom are based in India. As part of our strategic approach, we have consciously chosen not to engage with global clients at the moment. Our primary focus is on contributing to the growth of the Indian ecosystem, aligning with our vision of fostering overall development.

In terms of our revenue model, we offer subscription services. For instance, we provide subscription plans tailored for hiring freshers and interns. A three-month subscription for this service costs Rs. 5,000. Importantly, there are no restrictions on the number of profiles or requirements that can be accessed within the subscribed period. This premium service, which is unique in the market, stands out for its affordability, filling a gap where no other provider offers a similar service at our competitive price point.

Q: What’s your expansion plan?

A: Currently, we are rapidly onboarding clients and aim to extend this process to both startups and mid-size companies. In the next 3-4 years, our goal is to become a unicorn. Our focus on unique areas sets us apart from others in the industry. The innovative work we are engaged in, addressing talent engagement challenges for organizations, positions our company as a potential unicorn in the making.

Where U Elevate
Where U Elevate


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